Architectural Styles

A-frame vs Octogan


Octagonal homes are easy to build and are very affordable. They were created famous by Orson Squire Fowler. He built these in the 1850s where they became popular. They consist of 8 sides and a very flat roof. Many have a spiral staircase located in the middle of the house. This setup was good to heat your home more efficiently. These are located in the Northeastern part of the U.S. Many of these homes feature 7 gable like sides and then a extended front or rear.


A frame houses are very simple and affordable houses that are located all over the world. A-Frame houses first became popular in the post WW2 era after people needed more affordable housing. A-Frame houses have front and rear gables and many large windows. The style of the house causes living space to be limited.

How They Compare

So in conclusion A frame houses and Octagonal homes have a lot more similarities then they appear. Although Octagon houses have 8 sides and retain sunlight easily . They share characteristics like being affordable to build and consisting of many windows like an A frame house. A frame homes on their on right have steeply angled roofs and are resistant to snow from its shape.