Housewife of Rome - Claudia Octavia

Ryan Groom

General Information


  • Born October 13, 40 AD in Rome
  • Died June 8, 62 AD in Pandateria


  • Father was Emperor Claudius
  • Mother was Valeria Messalina


  • Husband was Emperor Nero
  • No Children

Emperors During Her Time

Caligula 37-41 AD:
No influence

Claudius 41-54 AD:
No influence

Nero 54-68 AD:
Octavia was married to Nero, giving her exclusive access to certain powers and responsibilities as empress.


Claudia Octavia was admired as empress by the Roman citizen body. Opposite of her husband Nero, Octavia was on the good side of the public and was well respected for her attempts to better Rome. Although she did not have a profound affect on Rome itself, she was still a good icon and served as a very good empress.