Portable Devices and Peripherals

What their definitions are and examples.


Laptops and Notebooks

A laptop is a small, portable computer that can be used anywhere, it is made to be lighter and smaller, also made to be thinner aswell where as a Notebook is a more compact laptop, it is made to be smaller than a laptop and holds less memory, it also has no disc drive which means it can do slightly less.
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Netbooks and PDA's

a netbook is more like an even smaller notebook although it cannot do as much, it is made mainly for use of internet (hence the word net) and communications like emails.

PDA is short for personal digital assistant, it is used like a palmtop computer, this means that it can do a lot of what a computer can do and also is small enough to fit in your palm. this is used for people like traffic wardens as it is small and easy to access when needed.

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Input Devices

An Input device is a device that transfers data to a computer, this is so that the object can be used, for example a mouse is an input device as it transfers the data to the computer for it to work on the screen. There are hundreds of other input devices to use on a computer.

Output Devices

An output device is a device that transfers data from a computer, this can be put onto another computer, memory disc, onto paper and more, an example of this is a printer, the printer gets the image from the computer put onto a piece of paper and printed out.

Speakers can also be an example of this as the song comes from the computer out into the open.

Data Storage

There are 3 ways memory is stored onto a computer, Through Optical storage, Magnetic and through Solid State.

Optical storage is made and read by laser and light, an example of optical storage is a DVD as it is read by light in the DVD Player.

Magnetic Storage is data on magnetized strips of metal, an example of this is a sim card, it has the metal where it goes in the phone in order for the data to be read.

Solid State Drive, or SSD is a memory drive that uses USB in order to be read, this includes input and output for data to be moved. A hard drive is an example of SSD, it has a memory circuit on the inside of the block and connects to the computer through USB.