Preschool Announcements

from NCS Lower School

Why Should I Choose Christian Education?

Dear Preschool Parents,

Finances. Location. Academics. These are just some of the reasons parents choose Christian education in favor of its public school counterpart. Here we'd like to offer you TEN solid arguments in favor of Christian education. There are plenty of others, both biblical and practical, but these are the most compelling. None of this is meant to be a criticism of parents who place their children in public schools, nor is it against public school educators. But the fact remains that public schools are not allowed to give your children the educational experience the Bible demands. Regardless of what you may think about Christian schools, we encourage you to seek God's thoughts on the matter before choosing an academic home for your children.

If you should have any questions, please call the Lower School Office, 985-635-0402, to speak with Mrs. Darlynn, Administrative Assistant.

Ms. Arnold, M.Ed.

Lower School Principal