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Women Writing Out Loud! - A place for women feeling called to write.

Are you ready to go beyond your journal?

Have you been meaning to get back into your writing? Are you toying with the idea of getting something published, but maybe want to dip your toe in the water first? Have you been longing to get in touch with YOUR life again (and find out who YOU are without all the roles that have defined you for the past 20 years)? Is writing (or sharing your writing) a little out of your comfort zone?

Have you ever thought, hmm ....wouldn't it be great to write with a group of amazing women where we could write, get feedback, and hold each other accountable too?

Manifestation alert!

This group is THE perfect place to get writing again; meet fabulous women and finally get your stories and ideas on paper. Maybe you are not an experienced writer, maybe you have closets full of pieces you've started but never finished, maybe all your ideas are still in your head, or maybe you’ve written plenty but never shared your work before….whatever it is for you, this is the place to create, share, grow and get past it.

4-week Virtual Writing Group

SMALL and PERSONAL limited to 12 amazing women.

This is NOT a big online group (where you can hide, procrastinate ... or whatever else you do instead of writing). It's personal. It's friendly. It's supportive. And I know that if you're not used to putting yourself out there small and personal can sometimes be scary too. That's not the intention. This group is a safe place to be creative, be accountable, and be perfectly ok being exactly who you are; and that in and of itself can feel liberating. We'll each write, post and receive feedback on 4 pieces in 4 weeks. If staring at a blank page scares you (or stops you), no worries, we are going to be using creative prompts and the stories that want to be written will show up. The intention is for everyone to complete some writing, get feedback and be inspired to keep going long after the 4 weeks ends.

What You'll Get...

* 4 pieces of writing DONE.

* Comments, feedback, and support to help you refine them.

* Personalized coaching / comments on each of your pieces.

* A guide-by-your-side (me!) who sees only the best in you.

* A community of amazing women (that you get to know).
* Weekly prompts to help jolt your creative juices.
* Weekly opportunities to have others read your work.
* A super-powerful-and fun group of women to keep you motivated & accountable.

* SO MUCH MORE....writing can be a huge confidence builder and uber empowering -- stuff that goes way beyond writing.



Creative and transformational 4-weeks of writing with a small group of amazing women. We'll be posting weekly prompts and the challenge will be to post a short (blog-post size 500ish words - 1 page or less) response. You'll be asked to read other writer's posts and find the gifts in their pieces too. The intention is to be encouraging, supportive, creative and get over any fear you may have around hitting a 'send' button on your own piece of writing.


Online. This is a Private online group (NOT facebook) just for us... no one except members can see anything or read any of your writing.


Next group starts Wednesday September 9, 2015.


I consider this a sacred circle and am picky about who joins. To qualify you need to be genuine, considerate, kind, compassionate, honest, friendly and fun… and a woman who wants to write.


$145.00 for 4 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions...

IMAGINE: committing to your writing, getting publishing practice, connecting with a community of amazing women...AND becoming a more confident writer in just 4-weeks!

Your guide

Debbie Sipowicz, www.CreativelyEmpowered.com helps women find their voices whether through writing, speaking, or starting a new business. She has co-founded two companies (one of which grew to over 65 people) and started a successful Health Coaching business all before discovering her true passion of helping women find their voice and stand in their power. Debbie started speaking and writing primarily as way to build her Coaching business and soon discovered that ‘speaking up’ was about a lot more than writing a competent blog post or delivering a decent presentation. She now wholeheartedly believes nothing but ‘good things’ come from finding your voice, written, spoken or otherwise. Debbie helps other creative, spirited, intelligent women who are ready to step into something bigger find the clarity, they are looking for to stand up, speak up, and make the extraordinary happen.

Women Writing OUT LOUD!

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 9am

This is an online event.


Contact Debbie at 650 / 440-5103 ....OR

EMAIL Debbie at debbie@creativelyempowered.com ....OR

FACEBOOK PM Debbie (friend Debbie Sipowicz)

COST = $145.00 (More details and payment links will be sent to those who RSVP).

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ask away. Call debbie at (650) 440-5103 or email debbie@creativelyempowered.com