Alyssa's Animal House


My animal house is a volunteer and animal adoption center. It's made for anyone to come in, bring friends, and relax or play with a bunch of dogs and cats in your downtime. We also sell refreshments and food along with dog treats. Better yet, bring your own pet to the shop to play! We have separate relaxing rooms and play rooms where you are accompanied by puppies or kittens who need homes. You can also adopt any pet and fill out the paperwork for that. The animals below are some the pets we have up for adoption all additional information is at our shop.

We are located at 2214 Main Street 66178, OP Kansas

Lazy Weekends!

Our lazy weekends special is every weekend and it allows you to come and catch up on studying, work, with a kitten in your lap of course, and the separate play rooms. What makes the weekends different is that we have discounts on pet supplies and adoption fees! All animals are 50% off!
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