Principal's Update

January 2021

Dear Students & Families,

The Law of Averages suggests that most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average. So for as many difficulties 2020 presented, 2021 should average out to being a great year. I know HHS staff is eager to get back to work!

January is a big month in high schools because it marks the end of the 1st semester. Our semester ends on Thursday, January 28th. We have Friday (the 29th) off for a semester break. Parents, please encourage, motivate or persuade your student to dig in for the next few weeks and make a big final push to increase grades. All HHS staff are here to help.

We are working on a plan to bring in students who are failing classes. Please keep an eye out for future communications. We hope to announce our plan soon.

Go Hawks,

Mr. Schoonover

School Office Hours

Monday, Jan. 11th, 12pm

16819 Northeast 159th Street

Brush Prairie, WA

Due to a reduction in staffing, the HHS office will only be open from Noon to 4pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

We are still keeping social distancing protocols. Please call or email whenever possible. Our phone number is 360-448-6450.

Upcoming Semester Break & Changing Of Programs

1st semester ends on January 28th. If you would like to change to or from HVA, the semester break is when that needs to happen. We are examining several models to get students back on campus. If you would like to ensure that you are not expected to come on campus, you should join HVA.

Please contact your Counselor ASAP to communicate that change. Contact Mr. Johnson ( if you have questions about HVA.

Mr. Kimber sees students last names A-K (

Mr. Pace sees students last names L-Z (

Reminder about the Students of the Month Program

In November HHS staff shared the characteristics they wanted to see out of Hockinson students. We used this input to create a new Students of the Month program to recognize students that show those characteristics. Those characteristics are:

  • Engaged - Students that take an active role in their education and are deeply engaged in the learning.
  • Empathetic - Students that show caring towards their classmates and school staff.
  • Endurance - Students that stick with difficult problems and show resilience when things don't go well.

Every month each department will choose a student based on these to recognize. Students will be given a certificate that includes a summary of why they were chosen and a Fairway Coffee gift card. These will be called EEE (Engaged, Empathy, Endurance) Students of the Month.

December E.E.E. Students of the Month

The students of the month for December are:

  • Arts = Alex Gutridge - Alex Gutridge has displayed tireless devotion to theatre arts at Hockinson HS. He is a wonderful cheerleader full of positivity who encourages his peers to do great things. He is an equally reliable student who has taken the lead in our productions of War of the Worlds and It's a Wonderful Life. He embraces every moment of rehearsals with passion and treats all of his cast with compassion through his words of encouragement. He sees opportunity with every moment, not dwelling on the limitations of Zoom classes and online performances. It's that kind of optimism and initiative that have helped keep theatre alive during these unprecedented times!
  • CTE = Cordelia Plymale - Cordy is positive, friendly, and supportive of her classmates. She actively participates in class discussions and enhances the learning experience with her observations and curiosity. Cordy turns in top quality work, often adding more than required. She is an outstanding student and epitomizes the excellence we strive for at HHS!
  • English = Caitlyn Wilde - Caitlyn Wilde is the English Department Student of the Month for December Caitlyn is so much fun to have in class. She is always prepared for class, ready to discuss, and engage in whatever group work I throw her way. I enjoy how she challenges my own thinking about literature, both during office hours and in class. Caitlyn is a thoughtful writer who is willing to take critical feedback, reflect on it, and put it to use.
  • Health & PE = Jamie Jeschke - Jamie demonstrates such commitment to her education. She is engaged during Zoom. She participates during class discussions and is such a great example of a dedicated student. If she ever misses a class she is proactive in making sure she knows what she has missed. Jamie is also very dedicated to her fitness level and she works hard. Without a doubt Jamie will be successful as she is a kind, respectful and such a dedicated student.
  • HVA = Jackson Wolfe - Jackson has been proactive in all of his HVA Classes and has completed 3 of them for this semester already. He is communicative with his teachers, is always smiling with his camera on and has the best attitude. He has been extremely helpful to his peers in AP Biology during our weekly Zoom meetings that are optional to attend.
  • Math = Emma Alfson - Emma is always engaged by asking deeper level questions during and after class. Emma puts effort into her work by applying new skills as we move through our units as well as participates in class and small groups. She remains positive and helpful towards her peers and in all she does in math class
  • Science = Demaje Titus - This month we have nominated Damajae Titus for his endurance. Damajae continually strives to complete and understand science topics. He has worked hard throughout the semester and has pushed himself to ask for help when he felt he needed to. Damajae is a hard worker and pushes through complex topics during distance learning. Keep it up!
  • Social Studies = Garrett Pearson - Garrett has been actively engaged in CWI all year, asking great questions, and continually looking for more information about class content and daily news. His positive attitude shows up in our interactions both in class and other communications, and his compassion for others is obvious.
  • World Languages = Ani Vossler - From day 1 freshman Ani Vossler has put in great effort to complete all of her work, asks questions both in class and in office hours when something is unclear and communicates frequently with her teachers.

HHS Academic Focus for 2021

Teaching can be an exceptionally complicated profession. The framework we use to evaluate teachers has 22 components and 76 elements organized into 4 domains. It would be impossible for us to try and focus on all of that. Therefore, for 2021, HHS will be focusing on 3 main principles.

  • Engagement - We will focus on strategies that engage students in actively learning the standards.
  • Relationships - We will focus on building relationships with students that allow us to motivate, care for and challenge students to reach new levels of learning.

  • Assessment - We will focus on effective strategies of assessing student learning and using that information to improve our instruction.

Focusing on these 3 themes will support us in our mission focus of All-Their-Beyond (full mission statement is: To empower all students to achieve their goals in high school and beyond.)
  • We have the best opportunity to reach all kids with exceptional engagement and relationships
  • We can only know their goals when we have quality relationships
  • We can only support their beyond with relationship to know their beyond and high quality assessment to ensure they are prepared for the beyond.

Additionally, I hope you noticed how this focus fits nicely with what we are recognizing our Students of the Month for.

Hawk Activity Hour

Tired of sitting at home on the couch? Come down to Hawk Activity Hour and get a little exercise. Our PE teachers will host time Mondays and Wednesdays to come down to school and safely exercise with your classmates.

Please see the information below. If the student needs a ride, please let the PE Teacher know and we can arrange a bus or van to transport.

Big picture

Counselors Schoology Page Reminder

In addition to students accessing their teachers Schoology pages, they should be checking in with our Counselors Schoology page. It includes information on:

  • Forecasting classes
  • Social Emotional Resources
  • College & Career
  • Scholarships
  • Running Start
  • Graduation

They have some excellent information posted. Go check it out.

Book Check Out

Our library is open for book check out with many great new books. The link is here HHS Library and Equity Books. All their student has to do is sign in with their school ID/lunch number and birthdate.

Tutoring/Learning Center Reminder

We have a peer tutoring center after school for students who need some extra help, but are more comfortable asking another student. The tutoring center will be from 3:30 to 4:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to begin with, although those days may be expanded if there is a need.

The detailed schedule can be found at .

If your child is struggling, please encourage them to stop by and join us at

Also, please use our teacher office hours.

HHS Students x Hockinson Main Street Team Internship Opportunity

Internship Proposal 8 hours per week

Role: Special Communications Intern and HHS Student Liaison

Compensation: Non-profit work experience relating to community building, marketing, and event coordination. Good reference or recommendation for interns that successfully meet team goals.

Required Skills: High proficiency in Social Media. Working knowledge of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and email. Excellent communication habits. Ability to work with others. Ability to take direction and ask for help when needed. Basic understanding of Squarespace websites. Strong commitment to building a better Hockinson community. Willingness to help the team in ways outside of the internship role. Photography and Videography skills are a major plus.

Internship Duties:

Social Media Management

Grow our social media presence and establish a healthy habit of sharing online content.

  • Manage Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts

  • Help plan and execute a social media content schedule

  • Work alone or with team members to collect/produce visual media

  • Engage with community members online to foster social media connections

Event Coordination

Help plan and execute events of all kinds.

  • Serve as communication liaison for HHS volunteers

  • Help with event set up

  • Attend planning meetings

  • Promote local events with posters, by word of mouth, and on social media

  • Create event calendar

  • Reach out to potential vendors for special events

Operations Streamlining

Enhance our team management processes with modern adaptations.

  • Contact spreadsheets

  • Record keeping

  • Internal and external communications

To Apply

Send application to Please apply with a letter describing why you want this position, past experiences that make you ready for this type of work, and describe yourself and your relation to the community. Please include a resume if you have work or volunteer experience. Selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Check out our Facebook page for info about the Hockinson Main Street Team, thanks!

Band Update

Happy New Year from the HHS Band! The holidays looked a bit different for many of us this year, but that didn’t keep Corey McEnry and his bands from providing holiday joy for all. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a small ensemble provided music for the Hockinson tree lighting ceremony where Mr. Marshall addressed the community with an in-person appearance from Mr. Claus himself.

Not to deter from each years’ much anticipated holiday concert, Mr. McEnry spent days blending and editing each band member’s individual piece into a coordinated performance which families enjoyed and shared this holiday season. If you missed seeing the concert, you can still access it on the Hockinson Band facebook page here.

Website for more information on Reopening

Below is a link to the Hockinson School District website for Reopening Information. I encourage you to go take a look for more information.

Hockinson High School

Our Mission:

To empower all students to achieve their goals in high school and beyond.