12 Days of Giveaways!

Joy Luxe Club....December to Remember!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy Holidays! I absolutely LOVE this time of year, the decorations, lights, hot chocolate, parties, and overall merriment! It's a time of anticipation, JOY, Family & Friends and what could be better?

As a THANK YOU to all of you and to add a little more fun, excitement and joy to our busiest selling season your leadership team (Kirsten Stinson, Jenn Traynor, Iman Brady and myself) are doing a fun 12 Days of Giveaways! Everyday from December 1st-December 12th YOU can win....simply by selling! Whether it's pair of studs, a statement necklace or a $1000 Trunk Show......EVERY SALE COUNTS! Everyone can win.....OPRAH STYLE!!!!

Here is how it works:

- Check your email daily for Home office, 12 Days of Stella & Dot emails and follow their tips

- Every Sale you make, post in the comments section of that days prize

-Each evening at 11:59pm that contest closes and we'll draw a winner for everyone that made a sale! Small or Big! Every Sale Counts!

Make the MOST of Dot Dollars!

We have a HUGE opportunity to help our customers, friends, and family and keep them from having to step foot in a mall! Cause let's face it, EVERYONE is shopping this time of year and they might as well shop with you, right? So be the go-to gift gal and offer up gift suggestions to EVERYONE you know. Women, Men, Teens, Granmothers, Empty-Nesters everyone needs help shopping!

Home Office gives us one of the best gifts this time of year....DOT DOLLARS!

Here are my top tips to making them work for you.

- Not everyone "gets it" so we have to make the effort and reach out to everyone to share the Dot Dollars Joy' who to reach out to? customers, potential hostesses, past hostesses, potential stylist, men!

- Sort through your wish lists, export everyone who has a wish list and give them a call THIS week, ask them who you can contact to help them get a little something special under the tree! Their husbands will LOVE you for saving them the agony of finding a gift! Even better, they'll feel good about "earning" the Dot Dollars Deal! Everything else on her list, she can purchase at 50% off with her Dot Dollars! You can also ask her who she needs to shop for? When she buys the gifts, she'll earn DD and get the wish list later!

-sort and export anyone with remaining hostess credits! How great would it be to call up a former hostess and say "Hey Mary, I don't know if you realized but you still have 2 50% off coupons available, who can I help you shop for? Oh and you'll earn xx Dot Dollars! What's in your list? I'll help you get that for 1/2 off in late December!"

-At a show make sure EVeRYONE knows about Dot Dollars and HeLP them earn the next level. Then have them make their wish list, and tell them you'll place their order on 12/29 when DD can be redeemed! I did this last time and had 95% redemption rate! This is the perfect way to hit some BIG goals this month!

Merry Christmas! Let's make it our best ever!


Your Leadership Team

Iman, Kirsten, Katie & Jenn

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