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Highlighting the Work of Cornell Teachers, February 2021

Cornell teachers have had a busy first semester! Read on to see what they've been up to.

Some of What's New This Year

  • 8 staggered cycles offer teachers a new start date every month
  • Shared Teacher Innovation Plans help the coach and teacher stay on the same page
  • Teachers can choose to meet virtually or in-person
  • Post-cycle follow-ups assist in driving change in practice and offer sustained coaching support

Ms. Dunning

For her 7th grade math students, Ms. Dunning has been working hard to figure out the best way to incorporate a few daily problems that focus on foundational skills. After several iterations, she has found Desmos to be the perfect tool for this, allowing her and her students to utilize an easy equation editor or, if needed, sketch things out. She can even upload images for her students to reference. Desmos makes it easy for her to see student work whether they are in class together or remote. How awesome that Ms. Dunning found a tool to incorporate into her class' daily routine!

Mrs. Del Greco

Our youngest learners' needs can be very different from those of their older counterparts, and many tech tools that are widely used weren't necessarily designed with the little ones in mind! Mrs. Del Greco has learned how to bring the power of Seesaw to her classroom so her students can practice content and demonstrate their learning in a more intuitive way. She can create assignments and even record herself reading the instructions. Students write or draw over a background image, they create their own pictures, and they can even record themselves talking alongside their work or practicing reading. She is particularly excited about the prospect of students using Seesaw to read/listen to directions for an offline activity, and after the students complete the offline activity, they can return to Seesaw to upload a photo or video with them showing their work and even explaining it. Mrs. Del Greco plans to continue learning how to leverage all that Seesaw offers. We are sure that as more teachers continue to use Seesaw in their lessons, students will benefit from a tech tool that is easy to use and that helps make learning fun and engaging.

Mr. Dean

It is always interesting to see the creative ways in which teachers use the tools that are available to them. Seeing how Mr. Dean uses Google Meet during in-person elementary classes can remind us to think outside the box. Mr. Dean often has his students open Google Meet during part of the class. He asks them to respond to questions that come up in discussion by using the chat feature. There are so many benefits to this, including giving some quieter students a voice, letting them process each others' responses by being able to read them, and keeping them really engaged for the duration of a lesson. Mr. Dean even encourages emojis at times to add an extra element of fun for the students and also to support some of our youngest students. It is easy to see why students ❤️ his class this year!

Mrs. O'Neil

Skills like communication and collaboration may not come to mind when you think of math class, but Mrs. O'Neil certainly recognizes the benefits of student being able to articulate their thought process and work together toward a common goal. In order to collaborate effectively, she knows that her students also need to be able to communicate effectively. To begin working on this, each student received a problem to solve independently. They recorded videos of themselves solving their problems on Flipgrid, utilizing Flipgrid's writing tools to "write" on screen. Then, students who received the same math problems as each other watched and followed along with their classmates' videos. They compared them to their own in terms of the solution and also the process of solving. Students were able to point out what about their friends' videos helped them learn. Keeping these points in mind, students then paired up to work collaboratively on a problem using Jamboard, Google's whiteboarding tool. Students could work together while staying socially distanced. Though it was challenging for many to collaborate nonverbally since they weren't physically next to each other, they still ended up solving together, and felt proud that they could "communicate" and work together even with constraints in place. Mrs. O'Neil continues to find unique ways to use Flipgrid and Jamboard, and her students are experiencing growth while they enjoy learning with her.

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