Technology Tidbits

Pullman Elementary, November, 2014

Staff News and Notes

  • Did you know... The lease on our Macs is up at the end of the year, but the district plans to buy them out, so they will remain in with us!
  • Did you know, the district is working with smart notebook to see if they can reach some agreement on an upgrade package. We'll be hopeful for news soon. We are currently not running the most up to date program and an upgrade may cost the district upward of $100,000...which was un-budgeted for. However, the district is aware that some users are coming upon problems with the old software and in order to keep using smart software with an updated mac OS, we'll have to upgrade.
  • Did you know...We are currently NOT upgrading our mac OS to Yosemite, but we might be ready to make that move come the first of the year. This would finally give us the ability to airdrop from iPad to Mac! The district wants to make sure the upgrade is bug free, so they ask for your patience.
  • 3/4/5 and any specialists who haven't yet joined us...can't wait to see you Nov 20th (Note the change due to the AVID visit on the 18th) at 7:40 for our tech meeting. Please bring your laptop.


Change of Plans...

I had a training scheduled for Nov 19th--Green Screen. I have decided that maybe I will keep that training for closer to Global Arts Festival and instead do an introduction to TWITTER training on that date. As I talk to people, there seems to be some interest on this topic.

I will do a general introduction to Twitter covering...

  • Who do I follow?
  • What do I tweet?
  • What's the purpose of a hashtag?
  • What are some important tech and educational hashtags?
  • Why would I retweet?

I would also like to start tweeting a weekly question that you and your students can respond to (until Christmas time), as a way of practicing our new twitter skills while connecting as a Pullman community. Come to the class and learn about #PullmanConnects so you can join the "conversation"... and learn a little about Twitter in the process!

Thanksgiving Technified (Yep, I made up that word)

Virtual Field Trips and More

Interested in taking your kids to Plimoth Plantation (I had no idea it was spelled this way...look at me, learning already!) , but can't get PTA to cover the cost? Try the virtual field trips on the scholastic site. Or have kids do a little research on the production of cranberries. This kid produced video (requires reading) takes your students through the steps. Virtual Fieldtrips are a great way to introduce students to places they wouldn't normally get a chance to go. Pinterest is a great resource--search "virtual fieldtrips" and find pages filled with thousands of ideas for such adventures!

Coding Comes to Pullman!

Last year I did basic coding as an enrichment activity with some 4-5 graders. It was such a hit that we decided to expand it to K-5 this year by doing the Hour of Code at the beginning of December. The program should have been/will be explained during your grade level tech meetings, but in case you miss(ed) it...

  • Every class with have 1 hour of basic coding instruction during the Hour of Code Week at the Beginning of December (and a little before/after). I will lead the lesson, but I welcome you to join in as much as you can. If you'd like to sit down before hand to hear about the lesson, I would love to do that with your team!
  • Please make sure you sign up on the schedule SIGN UP
  • Think about joining the District training on Dec 2nd/4th from 5:30-8. Earn CEUs/Board credit and learn how coding can help your students with teamwork, critical thinking, math, reading and science skills!
  • Watch the video to learn more about coding and why it's so important for students to be exposed to this new literacy!
"Code Stars" - Short Film

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