located on the continent of europe

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The Flag Of switzerland


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Switzerland's National Animal: The Marmot

Marmots are cute fuzzy creatures and they mostly eat grass, roots, herbs and carrots.

The picture that you see above is a marmot on a small mountain. They communicate to each other by whistling in a special way. They live on mountains and another kinds of marmots live mostly on plains. They burrow deep into the ground and live there. These

animals are not endangered.

Swiss Chocolate

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Switzerland is famous for it's chocolate. the picture you see above is a variety of different

chocolates made by a famous chocolate company in Switzerland. You can also see chocolate balls, a common dessert in Bern, Switzerland's capital city. I love chocolate!

Swiss Folk Music

Swiss Folk Music (Yodeling, Polka, Alphorn and more...)

map of switzerland

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fun facts

Switzerland has a population of 8.081 million people.

It is famous for it's cheese and chocolate.

The Swiss eat 22 pounds of chocolate per person every year.

A Swiss tradition is is calling a grown-up aunt or uncle even

if they are not related to you. This is showing respect for your elders.


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Matterhorn is roughly 14,692 feet high and is in a trail in between Switzerland and Italy. Sadly, 450 people have died trying to climb Matterhorn, while others have succeeded.

popular sport

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Bobsledding is a very popular spot in Switzerland. A bobsled race is held every year in Switzerland. The picture above is a BMW bobsled for team USA . It has been tested for

crash protection, speed, and weight limit.

Four Things that make switzerland special

The largest machine on earth is located in Switzerland

There are 1500 lakes containing 6% of Europe's fresh water stocks.

The official currency is the Swiss franc.

The capital of Switzerland is Bern, while the largest city is Zurich.

Special citizen

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President of switzerland

This has been Switzerland's president for 1 year.

World map

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