Romanian Revolution


Cause for outrage

The people were being forced to live under a communist president (who acted more like a dictator) who spent lots of money on banquets and celebrations for himself even though the country was suffering through poverty. This made many people mad. When in Timisoara, the "dictator" showed no regard for human rights and this is what is believed to start the revolt.

How they protested:

One of the only real protests happened in Timisoara. The Romanian government decided to deport Laszlo Toekes who was a Hungarian-born minister who was protestant.

Thousands of people gathered to protect him and riots broke out. Thousands of protesters died.

Another similar protest to the communist party took place in Bucharest. A child giving a solider a heart during the protest is pictured to the left.

Other protests took place between 17-20 December 1989.


The overall effect of the protests was Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife were executed and a representative democracy took over instead of communism.

The protests caused political unrest and secrets to come out leading to the downfall of the Ceausescu's communist rule and their capture.

The people finally got what they wanted.

Romanian revolution 1989

How did this show their beliefs?

They showed their beliefs of popular sovereignty by holding anti-communist rallies. This took courage, strength, and passion to over throw an entire government. These people wanted freedom and equality to their leaders and its what they got.