Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

October 18th, 2018

What is going on?

Supplies for our PBL Showcase:

If you can donate, shoe boxes, poster board, Science Fair boards, Letters, stencils, markers, craft supplies that could help us spruce up our presentations we would be grateful- We really need supplies for this one! Thank you for considering!

It is imperative that our kids have a set of good head phones for their test on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would suggest headphones, not ear buds. Their ears are too small for earbuds- they are just a hassle and take away from focusing on the test.

We have an assembly on Friday- Please drop off bags on the porch and go in- if it is not raining. If not bring them inside.

Ishani is our Spelling Bee winner! Way to go! It was a good good Bee- we had to have a run off! She is the Queen Bee of our class!

Please note our invitation to our PBL showcase next Friday! The invitation is on the bottom of this flyer for reference.

Today our class t-shirt orders are coming home! Please send in cash stapled to the order form. No coins please. Order big! The t-shirts are usually small and the kids grow a lot by the end of the year. Family members can buy shirts too.

Next week is Dare Week- Please note the Second Grade Website for each Dress up Day-

Monday is pajamas etc.

Ask your child about what they are learning in their PBL-

Have a good weekend!

Making butter at Baker's Country Cafe-

Happy Birthday Elle!