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Research Question: What did the Inca create and how were they so good at sculpting?

Inca Freeze Dried Method

The Inca empire created something that NASA uses. The thing that they created freeze drying. In the highest point in the Andes mountains, freezing temperatures was guaranteed at night. They would bring potatoes and wrap them in a clothe. Then they would repeatedly

quizzes out the moisture until it is in a result known as chuno. This had many advantages for this, it was relatively light weight, it could last a long time, and they would eliminate some bitter taste that some potatoes have. If the Inca didn't make this many of NASA space rips wouldn't of happed.

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Freeze drying potatoes was one of the ways to tout around potatoes and it not be fairly heavy.

Inca Day Time Calendar

The Inca also created a day time calendar. The days on the calendar were approximately 365 days. This calendar was used for many things like farming, religious events, mining and construction. The people of the Inca empire relied a lot on this calendar. Now there is a calendar that we rely on and it has 365 days on it.
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The Inca day time calendar was a helpful way for Incans to know when they have religious festivals and when to harvest thee crops.

Incan Stone Buildings

The Inca created sturdy stone building. They created sturdy building because they cut the stone so precise that they didn’t need to use cement. The material that they used was Yacuy limestone, Green Sacsahuaman, and Black Andesite. But to get these out of the mines were rough and tough, they were moved by using ropes, logs, poles, levers, and ramps. But all this hard work made the building last for a long time and surviving through many earthquakes.

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