New York University

"Home of the Bobcats"

Basic School Information

Location: New York City, New York

Strong psychology and arts program

Estimated cost for 4 years: $224,000

Admission: 3.7 GPA or higher/suggested score of 1900 or higher on SAT

Enrollment: About 50,000

Student to teacher ratio: 10:1

Fun Things to Do

  • Washington Square Park
  • Museums
  • Music events
  • Midtown
  • The Village


The temperature typically varies from 26°F to 83°F and is rarely below 14°For above 91°F.

January-April 30°F-60°F

May-September: around 75°F

October-December: 60°F-45°F


The geography is characterized by its coastal position at the meeting of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean in a naturally sheltered harbor. NYC has many water ways.

Paying for college

I have a couple options to pay for college
  • Get a track scholarship
  • Get a job and save up
  • Financial aid

Scholarships I will apply for:
  • Arch Scholarships
  • Track scholarship
  • Global Pathways Scholarships

Deadline for FAFSA form: January 1, 2018

Achieving Post High School Goals

  • Getting my GPA up to at least a 3.7
  • Join leadership
  • Join speech clubs

Classes I will take to achieve my goals:
  • AP Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Biology
  • Statistics
  • AP English

Available Volunteer Work

I can volunteer as a big sister for the Big Brother Big Sister program.
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