Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

August 10

New Year, New Beginnings!

We all have a chance at a fresh start as we begin the school year, as do our students! I am so excited about the year ahead and my belief that #thebestisyettocome.

We are a team, focused on giving our students a hope for a better tomorrow! Let's get to building a better world, one child at a time!

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PBS lesson

For the first days, we are focusing on introducing students to our expectations of being safe, respectful and responsible, as well as our routines around the building.

Take this time to work slowly with students to practice routines and build community. This is time to begin making the deposits into the "relationship bank" that will pay HUGE dividends! Relationships are necessary for students to feel safe and trust that you will keep them safe.

Thursday is our day with special stations set up for classroom practice. Teachers will lead their classes through practice of specific settings, some at assigned times. The cafeteria practice will be led by those who supervise in the cafe, with teacher support. See the schedule below for your grade level to practice at designated stations.

You will have a checklist to complete for instruction, model and practice of all settings by August 31.

PBS Cafe, Playground, Dismissal Practice Schedule

See the schedule attached for times for SPECIALS and practice for the first day!

Character Trait for August is Self-Discipline

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Duties for the Week

For the first 2 days (Aug. 16 and 17), we will need "all hands on deck" to support students as they enter the building and get settled.

Our people who are assigned an area on a daily basis will report to their areas.

In addition,

  • Roedel, Musselman, and Humphreys will support in the gym at 7:30 both days.
  • Boyd, Gann, and Moeller will support in the cafeteria area at 7:30 both days.
  • Jungmeyer will support in the front of the building to welcome and direct parents AWAY from the bus drop-off area.
  • Lemons and Treat will support in the office hallway at 7:30 both days.
  • All teachers will need to be available in hallways to support and MUST pick up classes from the gym at 7:45. I would like EACH teacher to collect her own class on these first 2 days.
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Opening Session and Beyond!

Can't wait to see everyone on Monday morning in their new staff shirts!

1. We are at Jefferson City High School. If you can carpool, it would be great for parking and company on the walk to the entrance! (Parking will be hard to come by with the renovations going on. Get there early and park by the LINC if needed.)

2. If you are new to Opening Session, you will want to enter on Union Street (between the 2 buildings). You SHOULD be able to follow the crowd.

3. Each school has a designated area for seating in the gym. Use the link below to see our spot.

4. After the speaker, we will go down to the football field for a district staff picture. Use the link below to see our spot for the picture.

5. You will need to go quickly to your vehicle after the picture and pick up lunch at a drive through, NOT A SIT DOWN PLACE. Our Active Shooter training will begin at 12:30 in our gym. It is a required training. You MUST be present at 12:30.

Details for Opening Session seating and picture

Where do you sit for Opening Session? Where do you stand for the picture?

Calendar of Events

Monday, August 13

*Opening Session from 8:30 - 11:30ish

- social time and breakfast from 7:30 am

- program begins at 8:30 am

- speaker Brian Mendler

- JC staff picture on football field at 11

*Lunch on your own 11:30-12:30 (Make it a drive through lunch so you aren't late!)

*Active Shooter training 12:30 - 3:30

Tuesday, August 14

*Grade level teachers needing to attend Science Textbook training have been notified

*Specials teachers will attend department meetings 8:30 - 11:30

*Staff meeting for grades 3-5, sped, and paras in gym 9:00

*Lunch on your own

*Staff meeting for grades k-2, specials, and all others in gym 1:00

*Para meeting in library 1:00

*Open House 4:30 - 6:30

Wednesday, August 15

*PTO Welcome Back Breakfast 7:15 - 8:00

*Staff meeting 8:00 in gym, lunch will be provided.

Thursday, August 16

*First Day of School - Let's do this!

*PBS "Charger Training" practice stations throughout the day

*Adjusted specials schedule

Monday, August 20

*Sue to meet with teams during plan time

*Leadership Team mtg 3:45

Thursday, August 23

*Fire Drill 9:55

Monday, August 27

*iReady testing window opens

*Sue to meet with teams during plan time

*PBS Team mtg 3:45

Tuesday, August 28

*Lockdown/Intruder Drill 9:00

*Literacy Team mtg 3:45

*School Culture Team mtg 3:45

Wednesday, August 29

*Specials Team Collaboration 7:45 - 8:15

*Early Dismissal - students dismissed at 1:15

*Professional Development and Staff meeting 1:45 in library

Thursday, August 30

*Back to School Night for grades 3-5

Friday, August 31

*PBS Assembly 8:30

Deliberately Teaching the "Simple Things"

August Birthdays!

August 9 - Dawn Day

August 9 - Meghan Holliday

August 10 - Danielle McGeorge

August 17 - Jessica Yates

August 30 - Maria Reece


1. Update your website by August 31

2. Daily Schedules from each grade level classroom and ID classroom teacher must be submitted to Sue and Kelly.

3. Online training videos must be viewed by August 31.

4. Be sure you can view Moreau Heights master calendar on Google Calendar.

5. Make positive parent contacts by September 1. (Grade level teachers will contact all students in their classes, Specials teachers will contact at least 1 student per class).

6. Have you signed up for the Remind App to get notifications about staff activities and announcements? See the details below to get connected.

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