music in me

by: Ashley Watkins

The National Anthem played by: My cousin Casey Kiser

The National Anthem reflects who I am because it's a part of me, my family, and country. It reflects me, and my family because my dad has been in the U.S air force since he was in college, but he is now retired. My dad still fly's planes, for another company he works for. He is over in Iraq right now and he left at the end of July and won't be back till Halloween. That is why The National Anthem is important to me and my family.

Thunderstruck by: AC/DC

This song reflects who I am because I normally listen to songs like this for sports. When I am going to softball games I listen to this song and others while driving there. They also give me a positive attitude when I play my game so I can have fun and win for the team! Also it states that rhythm in music is also highly motivating. When listening to a fast, strongly rhythmic yet discordant track, performance may be enhance.


The blues and jazz reflects who I am on my moms side because my 16 year old cousin, Casey Kiser, with a photographic memory, plays blues and jazz on sonic blue fender telecaster guitar. Casey started playing guitar in 5th grade and took lessons the summer after that. He also practices 6-8 hours each day, and has three guitars and 2 amps. Casey lives in Enterprise, Oregon where my Mom lived. He also says the goal he wants to accomplish was going on tour and playing music for a living. That is why jazz/blues reflects my family.


This song reflects who I am because it was used in my Dad's video that his friend made. The video is important to me because it was taken when he was in Afghanistan for 90 days. It is cool because it gives you the idea of what its like to fly a plane and sit up in the cockpit. I haven't sat in the cockpit since he rented a plane when I was little.
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