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What is an Ozobot?

Ozobot is a powerful tiny robot that expands STEM and computer science learning through a collection of game based activities and digital apps.
Ozobot Bit 2 0 learn to code with a tiny programmable robot
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Drawing Basics

Ozobot won’t move until at least one of the five bottom sensors sees a color. For instance Ozobot will just patiently sit, wait and blink when placed on a white sheet of paper. Place Ozobot on a dark area, like a wood desk or a black kitchen counter and Ozobot will immediately begin exploring and searching for the next adventure.

Drawing a Perfect Path

Drawing a perfect path.

Ozobot thrives on wide lines (paths) of about a quarter of an inch thick (5mm). You can use small felt tip pens or markers and thicken your paths with multiple strokes, but the fun really starts with wide markers as one fast stroke will create the perfect path.

Drawing Intersections
Adding Codes 1

Drawing Color Codes

Color codes are color sequences made of two, three or four color dots in a row located directly on a path. Ozobot’s sensors are designed to read floor signs about 150 times per second to detect red, green, blue, black and white areas and react accordingly.

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Learn to Code: Getting started with OzoBlockly and Ozobot Bit robot
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