Republic of Kenya

Culture of the Republic of Kenya

The People

The population of Kenya is 32.02, which is a pretty big number when you think about it. They speak English and Kiswahili (Swahili) and are the official languages. Most Kenyans are Christians, with a 40 percent acception to Protestant churches, a 30 percent acception to Roman Catholics, and a six percent acception to Muslims. The Kenyans are proud of their heritage and their nation's accomplishments.

The Customs

Each ethnic group uses a different type of greeting, but a handshake is usually common. (Prepare for laughs) They use a tss-tss sound when fealing displeasured and pointing an index finger is considered innapropriate. Visiting with family and friends is a common every day activity because the bonds between familys are very tight.

The Lifestyles

The average Kenyan family is typically very large with up to 12 roommates! And you wonder why Africa is so crowded? Dating starts at about the age of 18 in cities. And their kids play recreational sports like soccer and eat goat for a healthy balanced breakfast!