How to do a back handspring

by Alice Fisher


  • You need to have a back walkover
  • A mat or trampoline
  • A spot (a person to support you when you do it)
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  • Doing this can be VERY dangerous, it could leave you with major injuries.
  • Always know exactly what you are doing and do it with care.
  • Make sure the spot can support all of your weight!
  • If you go to a gym club ask your coach for some tips to keep safe!
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  • It doesn't matter where you do it!
  • I would recommend to do it in a gymnastics gym or a tumble track.
  • You could even do it in your back yard (with parents supervision).
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Back walkover

  • Start with a simple back walkover.
  • You should very confident with this step to do a back handspring.
  • Having a back walkover is the most important step!

Jump back walkover

  • Start adding a little jump at the start.
  • Gradually make you jump a little bit bigger.
  • Make sure you warm up your wrists before trying this!
  • Ask your spot to help if you having trouble.
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Bring your legs together

  • During your back walkover try to bring your legs together in a pike.
  • Ask your spot to support you while you do this.
  • Try doing this on a trampoline or a mat!

Back handspring with spot or coach

  • Ask an experienced spot or coach that can do a back handspring to help you do a back handspring, on a tumble track or mat!
  • Practice this until you are comfortable doing this with a spot.

Trampoline back handspring

  • Tell your spot or coach to gradually to take their hands away.
  • Only go in your comfort zone, as this can be dangerous!
  • You should eventually be doing on your own!

Back handspring on mat

  • Ask your spot to help you on a mat, doing a back handspring.
  • Again tell your spot to gradually take their hands away but still stay near by.
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Back Handspring

  • If you have done all these steps you are ready for the ground!
  • Ask you spot to help you once again!
  • Tell them to gradually take their hands away.


Back Walkover: You bend back and place your hands on the floor, then you flip your legs over.

Mat: A cushioned surface which will make if a little bit safer to do a back handspring, if you fall.

Spot: A person who will support you while you do the move, should be a friend, family member or gym coach.

Tumble track: A long trampoline that allows you to do long routines.