Friday, May 29 | 8:30pm-9:30pm | Lauren Young Fields

Come Drive In For A Fun Night Together!

We are pleased to invite you to our Spring Awards 2020! This year, we will still be getting together with a by-gone tradition - we are hosting our awards as a drive-in event! We will be displaying the presentations, speakers, awards, and winners up on a giant screen for all to see. As well, the Sutherlin FFA Alumni is sponsoring some treats and goodies for all to enjoy in the comfort of your car!

Is the same as a banquet? No. Is it a great way to come together in a safe manner, honor our students for great achievements, remember and enjoy at great memories, and celebrate a great group of people at the end of a fantastic year? Yes!

Sutherlin FFA Spring Awards Drive-In Screening Experience

Friday, May 29th, 8:30pm

705 South Calapooia Street

Sutherlin, OR

WHO IS INVITED: FFA members with their families and friends; Teachers, Community Members, and Supporters of the Sutherlin FFA!

Evening's Agenda

8pm - Parking Lot Opens

8:30pm - Slide Show "Year in Review" Begins

8:45pm - Welcome and Program

9:30pm - Close


Q - Who is invited/who should come?

A - Definitely all FFA members and their families or friends are welcome! As well, anyone who has supported our students and chapter is welcome as well.

Q - What do we wear?

A - Casual and warm clothes for the evening is great! FFA members do not need to be in official dress as they are not going on stage/speaking live/etc. We will be recognizing people with pictures on screen.

Q - Do we have to stay in our vehicles?

A - Yes please! In order to hold this event, we will have everyone attending stay in their vehicles in order to be safe and in compliance.

Q - Why is it running so late in the evening?

A - Because we wanted everyone together, we had to start late enough to be able to project it outside, and why we chose Friday night. We understand the time may not be ideal for everyone, and apologize that this is the only way to make this work as circumstances are beyond our control. But we wanted something a little different and special beyond a virtual broadcast.

Q - What safety precautions are being followed?

A - Besides staying in your vehicle, we will be adhering to the following safety precautions as recommended by the Department of Education: 1) vehicle spacing, 2) limiting the number of people outside a vehicle (our parking staff/greeters/etc), 3) proper PPE and protection for handing out agendas and refreshment baskets, 4) proper sanitation of any surfaces used in recording or delivery of the presentation.