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Mrs. Clyde - Issue No.12

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I hope your family enjoys lots of family time and relaxation. Whatever this winter break may bring to you and your loved ones, I hope it is fun for all!
Jingle Bells 1st & 2nd Graders Dec. 2014

Thanks for your help!

To all the families that sent in supplies, helped with prep work, set up, clean up, and general jump in to make it all happen....A HUGE Thank You! It is a candy craze building all of the Gingerbread Houses, but I absolutely love it! Such a fun Ridgecrest tradition!
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Your child has information in their binder on homework over the break. Basically, there is not any assigned homework (it's family time!). But you could have your child read, work on IXL or do RAZ kids if you would like to have something for them to be working on. Information on both IXL and RAZ kids is in your child's binder.

RAZ Kids - Updated information.....

This web site is set up so that each student has their own account, but they do not have a password. This allows for quick and easy access in the classroom. However, this also calls for honesty and responsibility on the part of the children. Today 2 boys were found to be getting into other kids accounts and changing others bonus stars. I spoke to both boys about being trusted to use the computer and being responsible. A word from home would be a good reminder about trustworthiness and responsibility. By giving kids access to this at home, they are being trusted to only use their account.

Kids are put at a reading level by me (and only I can change it), they have books to read and listen to. There are also quizzes they can take after a book. In January I will be working more with the kids about how to better use RAZ kids. We will be getting our classroom ipads in January so we will have a lot to learn about taking care of the ipads as well.

Username is: sclyde
Each child has their own account.

Dates To Remember:

Monday, Jan. 5th - School Starts