The Cabin Faced West

by:Jean Fritz

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by: Diego Perez

Exposition: setting pennsilvania hills 1793 characters: Ann,david,&Mcphale TE: neat little garden lay battered & broken said Mcphale but Ann & David work on Rising Action: Ann's dream was to find his father with George Washington to see if her father is going to fight in the civil war TE:"I'm never going to leave my father fight in the civil war I'm going to ask George Washington to stop the war climax: Ann's was in her jurney with david to see if Ann's father is in the war TE:Ann & David werein their jurney to fin Ann's dad Falling Action: when Ann & david arrived.....they where having a war (civil war) TE:oh no thy are having a battle Resolution:when Ann saw his father with George Washington she ran with david Ann gave a hug to his dad TE:its that my dad yes yes it's my dad


the theme that the author telling me was never talk with strangers when you are alone. TE: Ann was walking & bump into a stranger never leave your father away from you. TE: "Ann come back here Ann!"

Character Analysis

protagonist: Ann,David are the protagonist because they help each other, they are like a team,&they are like husbands Antagonist: Mcphale is the antagonist because she tells Ann "neat little garden lay battered & broken" said Mcphale but Ann & David work on

historical facts

facts about 1784: there really was an Ann she is a great-great grand mother the known as Ginger hill now

historical setting

facts about 1784:on September 18,1784 George Washington"bated" or took supper with the Hamiltons