Starting a New Career

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Considering a Change: Exploring your Options

  • Don't throw your résumé around on the internet immediately after you decide to change careers.
  • Ask yourself some of these questions: What do I want?, What can I offer?, Is this new career a good fit?, and Will I be happier in this career?
  • Sometimes it doesn't matter if you are making $5 more per hour than your former job, because if you hate your new job, then what was the point in changing careers anyway?
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Developing a Plan: Mapping your Moves

  • In some cases of changing your career, you may need to enhance your skills and go back to school. If you plan to do so, talk to your new employer and ask them if they help pay for that.
  • Another helpful thing to do is find someone who can help you with this new job. It may be a coworker, your supervisor, or somebody you know that has experience in that field.
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Making the Change: Burning no Bridges

  • Look for people, not jobs. You will start to figure out that when you meet people and you interact with your coworkers, the job seems to be more fun, and easier.
  • If you make the change, follow through with it. Most of the time, people will make the change, but then end up with 5, 7, 10 more jobs after they do the career shift.
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Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing your Experience

  • Make sure when you start your new career you should always walk in thinking that you will like all of your coworkers.
  • Set early boundaries. By this I mean, don't let somebody who has been working there for a long time just come over and start talking to you if you aren't comfortable with it.
  • Lastly, embrace the change. Make the most of what you have done and again, follow through with it.
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