The Needia for Media

Safura Bana's POV for 12th Grade Media Literacy

Understanding It // 6 January 2016

The media is one of the fastest ways to get information. However, it is difficult to determine whether or not the Intel we are receiving is true or false. From tweets to Facebook statuses to the five o’clock news, we have to decode and analyze what is what and what is right. Personally, I think everyone should be caught up with what goes on in the world. Whether it be the latest, biggest heist ever pulled off or what crazy new look Miley Cyrus is wearing, it is recommended to be in the loop. I've been in multiple conversations where I didn't know what was going on simply because I didn't know what was going on in the media. That led me to question my media literacy. Being media literate means you should be able to decode and determine what is right and wrong with the situation at hand. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you want to be at the opposite end of the spectrum from me, that is understandable. The media does not pick sides, it creates sides. It also doesn’t give the full story all at once, everything comes in bits and pieces. For example, scientists just came out with a new way to cure cancer. Many people are going to say, “Hey! I am on board with that!” However, later on you find out that this new cure is a gamble. It can either cure you or kill you. People are going to say, “Wait, now I am not so sure about this.” The media always has a way to play Devil’s Advocate and it is okay to switch opinions or change your mind about something. As media changes, we change. Just to be caught up with whatever is going on in the world and process the information is a good start to being media literate. So never stop learning and never stop being aware and updated.

No Phone? No Problem!

The Run Down // 17 January 2016

You would think it would be difficult for a girl who is on her for phone a majority of the time to not be able to go twenty four hours without it. Well, the truth is, I can! I’ve been in many situations where I am required to not go on my phone from up to twelve hours to twenty-four hours. During various camps and activities I’ve done in the past, my managers and leads have taken up my cell phone in order to not hinder the camp. They need my 100% focus and dedication. So, when my teacher (Ms. Gray) requested that we stay off our social media accounts for an entire day, it wasn’t that hard for me. Personally, I realize that the world will go on without me not being in the loop of what is going on in my friend’s lives. Not checking social media helped me stay a little more focused on myself. I didn’t have the constant reminder that I need to worry about someone else’s life when I should be worrying about my own. Thankfully, on a daily basis, I only text about four to six people. Those people are the only ones I worry about due to the fact that they are close friends and family. All in all, this experiment of not checking my social media accounts went very pleasantly. Sure, I caught up with everything I missed out on before after the day was over, but during those twenty-four hours, my focus was 100% on my school work, job, and family. Honestly, it was a great feeling to have made myself my own top priority that day. Since this was a voluntary activity I decided to do on my own, I now know I can stay off my phone and be productive willingly. To get everything done way before it is due, is the greatest feeling ever and I cannot express that in any tweet or Facebook status nor do I want to.

The Truth of Knowing the Truth

Just Consider This... // 6 March 2016

How often do you consider the fact that the things you are being told indeed are facts? Besides trusting the hopefully credible local and international news stations, we usually believe anything we see online. From things we Google to tweets we see, we think they're true. However, how do we know it’s not made up? I could easily tweet right now that a new color was added to the rainbow spectrum and some people would probably believe me when in fact it is still “ROY G BIV”. We believe what we believe because we think it’s coming from a credible source. Now I hope that if I actually tweeted about the rainbow spectrum, some people would raise eyebrows and question me. We have to question how correct and accurate some of the things we hear are. Nowadays, especially with the presidential election going on, we should consider how truthful the things we hear are. I found an article on some of the things Donald Trump has been saying in his speeches. One bogus thing that particularly stood out me was he said, “Crime statistics show blacks kill 81% of white homicide victims.” Right off the bat I did not believe that, but for the sake of my sanity, I fact checked it on They rated that fact as a “Pants On fire!” lie. After that double check, I realized not only should we fact check on a grand scale, but on a personal scale, too. For example, if a friend of yours says that another friend said something mean about you, how do you know it’s true? How do you know that it’s not being made up? You don’t want to falsely accuse your friend of something your other friend told you. In the end, you look like the bad guy for being ignorant. So consider double checking your facts. It will help you make sure what you are learning is truly true. The only one being harmed in not knowing the actuality of something is you. Using that false information cannot benefit you. It’s okay to question things you aren't sure of. You’d rather want to be content with what you know than be confused. Ice Cube once said, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Well in this case, check your sources!

Party or Parole // 1984

Controlling the Uncontrollable // 9 March 2016

People nowadays are so easy to be controlled. Not in a rebellious way, but in a way in what we are shown. Whether it be on social media or TV, whatever we are shown can be censored, blocked, and maybe even changed. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be consumed with the little things rather than acknowledging the grand scale of issues going on in the world. We’re kind of like the Paroles from 1984. We only focus on what is shown to us. Unless we’re watching the news, we don’t know what is going on around us or around the world in general. Winston Smith said that the paroles are consumed with, “… petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer…” The only reason they’re so occupied with that is because their government wants them to be. Thinking about it, are we not worried about the same things the Paroles are? We fight with our neighbors over whose dog dug in whose yard, we worry about the next Star Wars coming out, we worry about the Super Bowl, and we worry about beer pong. We worry about those things because it’s easier and more personal. I know I’d mourn over a tragedy that could happen, but after a couple of days, I’d realize that I can’t do much to aid it. Even the government stops showing so much about it because the event is almost over with. The government wants us to be happy, but how are we supposed to be happy when we see sad things happening? Instead, we get to see happy things to distract us from the sad things. In reality, that’s the sad part. Not seeing the actuality of what’s going on isn’t benefiting people. Controlling a majority of things we are shown isn’t going to help on the grand scheme of things. We must know what is going on in society. How are people going to tell us to sit down when we are a nation of people who want to stand up? That’s right. We stand up anyways.

Fail or Holy Grail?

The Beer Hall Putsch // 20 March 2016

When we hear the name, “Adolf Hitler”, the first thing we tend to associate it with is the Holocaust and World War II. This is only because of how successful these two tragedies were. Little do people know is that Hitler has had some of his own fails in the past before those two. Taken place in November of 1923, Hitler surrounded Beer Hall in attempts to hopefully overthrow the government and capture Bavaria. It ended up not working, because Hitler had to flea to take care of other crisis's in the city. The result was 16 Nazi officers killed and 4 police officers killed. On top of that fail, Hitler was found, arrested, and sentenced guilty of treason two days later. During his time in jail, the wrote his autobiography, Mein Kampf. If Hitler was actually successful with this, he could've added on more destruction to his already crazy plan of ruling the world. The ultimate power he could've gained is what makes this so important. Because the people of Germany were so devoted to him, he had 2000 people surround Beer Hall with him. Weather it was him brainwashing them or true nationalism on their part, he had the support he wanted. Putsch means to take someone or something by surprise. Because of poor planning and trying to be sneaky, The Beer Hall Putsch was a fail thankfully, Even though Hitler went down in history for something even worse, this failed attempt was a lesson to him that would later help him in the future. This should hopefully be a lesson to everyone. Even the worst people of the world fail and that is when you should stop them for good. In these cases, you should not get back up and try!

1984's Very Own Edward Snowden?

Is Winston a Fictional Edward Snow? // 27 March 2016

To understand how Winston is embodied in Edward Snowden, we must understand who Edward Snowden is. Snowden is a thirty-two year old former NSA employee who revealed classified government information to the public back in 2013. He unveiled this information because he believed the people had the right to know what their government was hiding. Sounds a little like Winston to me. Just like how Snowden worked in the NSA (National Security Agency), Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, where he too must keep secrets from the outer party. The Inner Party targets the Outer Party and surveillance’s them just like the NSA would surveillance us. Winston however has yet to reveal any major Inner Party secrets and information unlike Snowden who already did with his government. Both of them believe that things should not be kept from the citizens. It is the matter of having truthful connections where every member or citizen is kept in the loop. Even though they both have somewhat of a same motive of exposing the truth, they might have different approaches on how they disclose what they know. The only way to find out is to keep reading.

Victim or Villain?

The Vulnerability of Winston & O'Brien // 19 April 2016

To be a victim is to be a person who is harmed and to be a villain is to be the person that causes the harm. It comes down to this, is Winston the victim or O’Brien? In my opinion, Winston is the victim. Regardless of what he is being tried for, he was harmed and that even pretty badly. It was to the point where he was injured and received fatal wounds due to the actions O’Brien induced upon him. Speaking of O’Brien, I believe he is the villain. The pain he inflicted on Winston, from the beating to the shocks, was truly evil. I cannot call him a victim due to the fact that he knows what he is doing. He knows he has to cause harm to these people and basically ruin their lives when he catches them. O’Brien doesn't even stop to think that what he is doing is morally and ethically right. Winston on the other hand has some will power due to the fact that he stays true to the facts that he knows. O’Brien may have the upper hand now, but I’m hoping Winston will persevere and revolt! Plus, it would be kinda bad to kill him off with just a couple chapters left in the book, but hey, that would make me the victim.

Theme to Evidance

Abolishing Lust, Loyalty, & Love // 20 April 2016

We all long for someone. Whether it be a friend, significant other, or family member. Imagine living in a society where your government says you cannot have any of that. You cannot love anyone but your government, you cannot be loyal to anyone but your government, and as for lust? Why think about that when you can be thinking about your government? In 1984, the theme of “sex, love, and loyalty are eradicated by their government” is a moderate concept throughout the book. It says “Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.” (256) ~ B3, C2. To have someone tell you, you must spend a majority of your time alone is not an ideal world I would want to live in. Social contact plays a huge impact on individuals, but the citizens of Oceania in 1984 will not know what true lust, love, and loyalty is unless it is towards their leader.

A Semester of Smores // Reflection

Reflecting Over Smore This Past Semester // 11 May 2016

I cannot believe that in two short weeks I will be graduating and starting a new chapter of my life in August. Looking back at this semester has made me realize that I have learned some valuable things that I am hopeful to remember, including this website ( At the beginning, I was told to reflect on how I felt about the media. In my first smore, “Understanding It” I said, “The media is one of the fastest ways to get information.” I still stand by that, because it is still true. However, I also said, “…it is difficult to determine whether or not the Intel we are receiving is true or false. From tweets to Facebook statuses to the five o’clock news, we have to decode and analyze what is what and what is right.” I also still stand by that. My initial idea on media has not changed drastically due to the fact I already had such a different grasp on it than others. I’ve acknowledged that social media can be detrimental and problematic. If anything, I’ve probably learned that social media is even worse than I thought. Even though it can solve problems, it can start them just as quick. This class has been so different to what I’m used to. I thought I would come in here and be learning about boring people and boring things in British Literature, but Ms. Gray switched up the game and told us this is Media Literacy which I thought was right up my alley. I honestly feel like I did learn some really interesting things in this class. I personally enjoyed the videos we watched and books we read. Even though they were items written and made years ago, they were still so relevant to todays issues. I titled this Smore Flyer as, “Media Shmedia” because of how we just brush of social media like it isn't consuming our lives or something, but I’ve decided to change the name to, “The Needia for Media” We have such a need for the media nowadays. We’re letting it take over our lives. The sooner we realize we don't “Needia the Media” the sooner we can go backing to needing personal connections that'll last longer than any tweet or status ever posted.

Good Luck Trying to Autocorrect Humanity // Reflection

Take a Minute from Technology // 11 May 2016

Social media has changed the way we look at human contact. Why meet up and get a cup of coffee when you can FaceTime from the comfort of your bedroom? Why go catch a movie at the theaters with friends when you could Skype and watch it through the screen of a computer? Is it okay to not have physical interaction with people anymore? The reason technology came to be was to make our lives easier, but has it made life too easy for us to live? Is there a need to even challenge us to get up and go live life? It’s apparently too hard to live in the moment. Nowadays, it’s imperative to snapchat every moment to let everyone know where you are. They [people] say, “Picture or it didn't happen!” but why do I have to prove to someone else I was doing something fun that I wanted to do? I did what I did for me, not to show anyone else. From concerts to weddings to vacations, we need to start keeping some moments and memories to ourselves because I know a majority of the time I’d rather hear the story in person than through Facebook or Instagram. Plus, I’m sure half of the time no one cares what you are doing or who you're doing it with. I know it’s hard to control what we post and how much of it we do, but it’s not impossible. We created social media, we can control it. Instead of using it to reply to people on an impulse, use it for something beneficial. Personally, when I need to get work done, I go on which allows me to stay off my phone, get my work done, and donate water to areas in need. We can harness the power of technology by using websites like these that require us to not use or move our mobile devices. We can make a difference and go back to having personal and physical interactions if we allow ourselves to. So look up from the screen you're staring down at and look at the scenery around you. Even though it might be a dark bedroom or the most beautiful sunset you've seen, look up and admire it, because I’m sure it’s better than straining your eyes from looking at this bright screen.


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