Principal's Weekly

Dr. Beth N. Choquette

Bridge Street School

2 Parsons Street

Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

413-587-1460 (phone) 413-587-1474 (fax)

Dr. Beth N. Choquette, Principal

Elizabeth Peterson, Administrative Assistant

Jordan Celino, Secretary

Nora DeJasu, Head Teacher

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Bridge Street School Vision and Mission Statements

It is the vision of Bridge Street School to promote educational excellence and equity for ALL students. Promoting educational excellence and equity will prepare and motivate students to be engaged learners and critical thinkers who strive for high academic achievement, listen to all perspectives, value the multicultural and diverse world we live in, and actively participate in eliminating racial and social injustices so that all people are able to reach their full potential.

Bridge Street School’s faculty and staff, caregivers, and community are committed to providing educational excellence and equity to its students by challenging the injustices that create barriers to high academic achievement, to access and opportunities to learn, to high-quality teaching and learning, and to a climate of belonging. This commitment to educational equity, where all children are successful regardless of their personal, social, or cultural contexts, is at the core of our practices, structures, and policies.

A Message From Principal Choquette

Good afternoon, I hope you all made it through the storm okay. Only a few inches out here in the Berkshires. My son received 22 inches in Boston! I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready for Spring.

Please remember that tomorrow is a half-day of school as it is our last day of caregiver/teacher conferences. BASE and LLP will resume on Tuesday, February 1st. There will be no BASE or LLP January 31st. Our new coordinator, Greg Kerstetter, will begin on February 7th. Welcome Greg!

We have many students who are in need of a 2nd mask during the school day. If at all possible, could you please pack your child with an extra surgical or N95 mask for the school day. Many of them complain that after recess they get wet and they don't like the feeling on their face. We have masks if kids need another, but if caregivers can provide their child with a second one, that will be helpful too.

This weeks Covid report for BSS:

January 24-28

Total Pools Tested 34

Presumed Positive Pools 2

Positive Cases 0

Cases Reported to School (Wed to Wed) 10

January 24-28

Grupos totales probados 34

Grupos presuntamente positivos 2

Casos Positivos 0

Casos Reportados a la Escuela(miércoles a miércoles) 10

Our students continue to work hard in keeping everyone safe and healthy. I am so proud of each and every one of them. I know this is not easy for them, for our families, or for our faculty and staff. I remain hopeful and optimistic that things will get better sooner rather than later. Thank you for all of your support during the crazy times.

Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

BSS Art News

BSS Art News

5th Grade:

The fifth graders sculpted a weaving loom by flattening out a ball of clay and cutting an opening in the center of it. They made holes on the top and bottom of the opening in order to add the string and yarn for their weavings. The whole process will take several weeks to finish.

4th Grade:
The fourth graders are learning to be an architect. They are drawing the Exterior of a house and focusing on one window or door. Once the drawing is completed they will watercolor paint it using Gouache paints that were donated by a local company called Royal Talens. I will cut their windows/doors open with an X-acto knife, and then give them another paper to put behind their opening. This will become the Interior of their house.

3rd Grade:

The third graders sculpted a Hybrid Animal out of clay. Their animals were painted and then put into a 3-Dimensional habitat made from one piece of paper. They look amazing all together in the glass display case by the cafeteria.

2nd Grade:

The second graders learned about the living artist: David Hockney. They created a perspective drawing of a road showing distance. Their finished drawings are filled in using color as an art form and not as they may appear in real life.

1st Grade:

The first graders sculpted a pinch-pot out of clay. The pinch-pots were glazed using professional quality glazes. The cups, as your child may have told you, can be used to drink out of. Enjoy!


The kindergarteners are learning about the various types of turtles, and then sculpted one out of clay. They painted them and then created a 3-dimensional habitat.

February Lunch Menus

Preschool Caregiver Conference Week

Monday, January 31st will be morning & full day students only. Morning students dismiss at 10:40 & full day students dismiss at 11:20. No school for afternoon students.

PTO Save The Date

  • Tuesday, February 8 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, March 8 at 6:00 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 12 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 10at 6:00 PM - PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 14 at 2:30 PM - PTO Meeting

Important Dates

January 31 No BASE or LLP

January 31: 1/2 day for Caregiver/Teacher Conferences

February 9: 1/2 Day-Teacher Work Day

February 21-25: No School Winter Recess

From the PTO

Dear BSS Families, (Mensaje en español abajo)

We hope you’re all healthy and well as we come into this new year! There are lots of ways to get involved and make your voice heard at BSS and within the district. Here’s all the info:

Sundays at the Playground: Grab your warm gear and come hang with BSS friends on the playground! We’ll be braving the chilly weather on Sundays starting on January 16th at 2:00 PM for free play and fun. All grades welcome!

Save the Date–Snow Day Snow Sculptures: We know this community has creativity in spades and we’re excited to see it come to life on the next snowy snow day! We’ll meet at Lampron Park at 11:00 AM to make snow sculptures of all kinds. Stay tuned for a quick turnaround and lots of fun!

Climate and Culture Survey: The district is gathering input from caregivers about the culture within our schools. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to share your family’s experience with BSS. Links are here:

Childcare Survey: The School Committee is gathering information about childcare needs in our community as part of their exploration into whether or not to create a district-wide program to support before and aftercare needs. Fill out this survey to help the School Committee better understand the childcare needs in our community.

Pooled Testing: If you haven’t signed up for pooled testing yet, you can do so at any time! The online consent form can be found here:

Thanks for all you do!

Your PTO

Queridas familias de BSS,

Esperamos que todos estéis sanos y bien al entrar en este nuevo año. Hay muchas maneras de participar y hacer que tu voz se escuche en BSS y dentro del distrito. Aquí está toda la información:

Domingos en el patio de recreo: ¡Coge tu ropa de abrigo y ven a pasar el rato con los amigos de BSS en el patio de recreo! Estaremos desafiando el clima frío los domingos a partir del 16 de enero a las 2:00 PM para el juego libre y la diversión. ¡Todos los grados son bienvenidos!

Guarde la fecha-Día de la nieve Esculturas de nieve: Sabemos que esta comunidad tiene creatividad a raudales y estamos emocionados por ver cómo cobra vida en el próximo día de nieve. Nos reuniremos en el Parque Lampron a las 11:00 AM para hacer esculturas de nieve de todo tipo. Estén atentos para ver si hay un cambio rápido y mucha diversión.

Encuesta de Clima y Cultura: El distrito está reuniendo información de los cuidadores sobre la cultura dentro de nuestras escuelas. Por favor tome unos minutos para llenar esta encuesta para compartir la experiencia de su familia con BSS. Los enlaces están aquí:

Encuesta sobre el cuidado de los niños: El Comité Escolar está recopilando información sobre las necesidades de cuidado de niños en nuestra comunidad como parte de su exploración sobre la creación o no de un programa en todo el distrito para apoyar las necesidades de cuidado antes y después de la escuela. Llene esta encuesta para ayudar al Comité Escolar a entender mejor las necesidades de cuidado de niños en nuestra comunidad.

Pruebas de conjunto: Si aún no se ha inscrito en las pruebas conjuntas, ¡puede hacerlo en cualquier momento! El formulario de consentimiento en línea se puede encontrar aquí:

¡Gracias por todo lo que hacen!


New Curriculum Newsletter from Karen Albano

Welcome to our first volume of the NPS Elementary Curriculum Corner!I In this monthly newsletter, we will share curriculum news, offer a view into a different grade levels and curriculum, and share the many reasons we are grateful for the amazing NPS educators and all of the joy and learning taking place among the wonderful students in our schools!

Newsletter Link:


From Nurse Jessica

Prior Resources/Letters/Important Information

State At-Home Covid Testing Consent/Information

Link to district website re: State At-Home Covid Testing Consent/Information

Lunch Update in the event of a 2-Hour Delay

In the event there is a two hour delay. Elementary schools will not have a hot meal for lunch. The option will be the bagel meal and/or sunbutter and jelly meal options. Both options will be available.