Tech Tip #3

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Locking your Laptop

Locking your laptop is vital. Ensuring no one else has access to your private information lowers your risk of tampering or worse, theft. Guard against these unwanted actions by locking your laptop each time you step away. This guarantees your information stays safe and private.

There are 3 ways to lock your laptop but it will be a personal preference as to which one you end up using. All are quite easy. Below I give you instructions and a visual representation.

Option 1

To use this option, you must be on the metro side. Click on your photo/name and select lock. I usually use this and perform it interactively with the touch screen.

Metro side -> Name -> Lock

Big image

option 2

As you are working, you can quickly access the lock feature by pressing the Windows key and the letter L.

Windows key + L

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option 3

Option three also requires the keyboard. Click CTRL+ALT+DEL and then select the lock option.

CTRL+ALT+DEL -> Click Lock

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If you would like a demonstration, give me a call!