Uniforms are a waste

By Kiya Massery

Uniforms are like the Devil's minions! Should schools be able to take away your choice of clothes,and replace them with uniforms? I think uniforms are overrated!

A primary reason is that you look like everyone else. When you look like everyone else,it is very boring. Uniforms are extremely dull! One may not show much creativity in wearing them. They may look sophisticated,but they are treacherous. It may be very confusing when you are with everyone with the same shirts on. If you wear uniforms,than what is the point of going shopping?I for one think uniforms are stupid!

Hold on because it gets worse. Not only do uniforms make you look like everyone else, they also limit your options of clothes. When you don’t have as many options, it causes frustration. There are very few patterns to choose from. Wearing uniforms makes clothing choices quite repetitive. The uniforms are immensely ugly! Uniforms can make clothes boring for people! People need to have a variety of wardrobe. Isn’t this insane?!

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That’s not the worse thing! Uniforms show lack of personal expression! If you wear an assigned outfit, you may feel restricted. It should not matter how much money you have. All that matters is that you have your own look. Fashion is a symbol of personal expression. No one can take away your fashion. Stand up for what you believe in! Your outfit should scream who you are. You should be powerful with your clothes!

I think uniforms are crazy! Uniforms make you look like everyone else, limits your options, and shows lack of personal expression. I think Dr. Thurman should never allow uniforms.