Science 8 Newsletter

Hicksville Middle School

Fossil Park Field Trip:

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Last week, Science 8 students participated in a field trip to Fossil Park in Sylvania, Ohio. I was very impressed with the behavior and excitement students showed throughout this experience. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for finding fossils and sharing their finds with others.

When will you see their fossil finds? Students are currently working to clean and identify their fossils, but I expect they will bring home their finds on Wednesday (5/11). I hope you will find these fossils just as interesting!

Grades and Activities for the Week:

Items marked with an "*" indicate a graded item for the week.

Fossil Cleaning: Students will continue to clean the fossils they found at the fossil park and begin to consider categorizing and identifying their specimens.

*Fossil Sorting and Identification: On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will sort and identify the fossils they found at the fossil park. A project grade will be recorded for successful completion of this activity.

Kite Project: To bring to life the concept of force, on Thursday and Friday students will research and select a kite design to create with their group. This kite will be constructed and tested during the week of May 16th.

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