#My Digital Dossier

By Satyam 7H

#Where it all started.

My digital dossier started when I was 6 months into my Mom's pregnancy . There was a sonogram taken of me that still remains in my file today. I was born on October 12 , 2003 at 9:53 A.M. in Montego Bay, Jamaica . My parents' Facebook exploded with excitement . they were receiving hundreds of congratulations messages and were very happy with this moment. There have been many pictures and videos taken of me from my sonogram to my first birthday, all of these being uploaded to Facebook, still remaining to this day, setting a very strong base for my Digital Dossier.

#First Website

The first website that I can remember going on is Nick Jr. ,specifically on the interactive games, with Dora, Diego and even the Backyardigans. It was a very fun, new experience for me. On most game websites in order to unlock extra game, a sign-up is required and just like that ,my full name and account is now forever going to remain on this website.


At age five, I was enrolled in the Montego Bay Christian Academy. My name probably still remains in their file, considering that barely 200 students were enrolled in one average school year. This school has Twitter and I am in numerous amounts of the photos they posted . These photos are still on their social media till today. All my report cards and school related info is on the school files.

#Online Newspaper

When I was 9 years old I won an essay writing competition for kids ages nine to ten. They came in took a picture, which was later put on the website for the newspaper. This website's link is given below and was also published in the local newspaper. Another newspaper I have been included in is another local newspaper, the reason my picture was on it is because of a Math Olympiad that I took place in. I received second place. There is an image of me in this newspaper online, making my digital shadow get larger and larger.
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#Fifa 16

The website I probably use the most is the Fifa 16 webapp. This is my favourite game and just like other games, it required a sign-up . By this time I already had my own e-mail address, so I used my e-mail address and first name to sign up for, in my opinion, the best game ever. Ever since I have been getting many e-mails from Fifa, updating me about my stats and club information. Your email address is definitely the spine of any person's digital dossier.

#School Again

School is a lot different when you are in higher grades. Almost half the things are done and submitted online, leaving digital fingerprints on every web tool or research website.
Our digital dossiers are made out of anything we do online, or our presence online. It is constantly being added to by every little thing we do online. Even something as little as making this poster, adds to our digital dossier. Our digital dossier will always be there even if after death your digital dossier is still alive, lurking somewhere in the corners of the Internet.