Fourth Grade News

Mrs. DeGrendel, Mrs. Gates, and Mrs. Skinner

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It has been wonderful to meet so many of you so far this year. We are truly enjoying working with your children and getting to know more and more about each of them every day. We look forward to a fabulous school year working with you and your children.

Remind 101

We have 69 parents who have signed up for text reminders! So far, we have already sent texts about reminders for homework and Spirit Week. If you haven't already done so, please sign up!

To join, send a text to (307) 877-8438 with the message @mrsdegren

Class Dojo

Class Dojo has an awesome new messaging feature that we have been having fun with the past couple of days. This feature allows us to take pictures of your kids hard at work (or being silly, because we take time to be silly sometimes, too) and send them to you! There is also an app you can download that allows the messages to come directly to your phone! If you haven't yet signed up and need a new invitation with directions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Student Council

On Thursday, September 25, students in the fourth grade who choose to run for Student Council will be giving speeches to their fellow classmates. Each of our classrooms will be holding an election to select 2 students to represent each class as a student council representative this year. Students interested should have a speech prepared that includes:

  • What qualities he/she has that would make him/her a good representative for our class
  • Goals or ideas he/she has to make Reid a better place
  • How he/she will be a responsible representative


In writing we spent the first couple of weeks launching our writer's notebooks. Through activities such as sharing memory objects, creating special place maps, and memory hands, we are brainstorming different ideas for entries in our writer's notebooks. In addition to these activities, we have also done a lot of sharing. Not only does this promote a positive classroom community, but it also helps others think of similar memories of their own!


We are almost finished with Topic 1! The students have been learning about multiplication, division, and a lot of important math vocabulary. There are many questions that you can ask your child: What is the Commutative Property? What does the word quotient mean? What happens if you divide a number by 1? We will be taking our first math test on Tuesday. The review is coming home today. Please make sure to turn in the math review with a signature by Tuesday.

Science/Social Studies

Social Studies

We will begin Social Studies in late October or early November!


So far in Science class this year, we have spent a lot of time learning how to work in groups! Several students do very well at this, especially with participating and cooperating with others! We are still working on using soft voices and getting along with others.

Students by now should have planted their grass seeds, should have made their hypothesis and their first observations on September 17. Please note that ALL plants should be growing in a spot that gets plenty of sun and ALL plants should be getting watered until ten days have passed. Ten days after seeds were planted is when your child should separate plants into the no light, no water, no air groups, and keep one plant getting all four life requirements. There seemed to be lots of confusion about this, this week! If your child put their plants in their "special spots" before the ten days were up, they should take their plants back out to a sunny spot to get grass to sprout BEFORE putting them in their spots.