in Asia

capital of country

The capital of the country is Vientiane.


The population of Laos was last updated in 2013. 6.77 million


The Biome of Laos is the rainforest
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Typical Wildlife

The typical wildlife of Laos is a Tiger, Asian elephant, and a Gaur.

tourist destinations

there are 10 tourist destinations and they are Luang Prabang, Mekong river, vang vieng, Si phan don, plain of jars,wat xieng thong,Pha that Luang,wat Phu, Pak ou caves, Vieng Xai

Government type

The government type is Communist state and Socialist state


There are almost 67% of Laos that are Buddhist.
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Area of land

The area of land Laos has is 91,429 sq miles (236,800 km2)

and Type of money

The type of money they use is called kip
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