Recycle. Everybody’s Doing it!!

Help AHS make our school green!


For the next two weeks Atchison High School will be making a big push to recycle all plastic and aluminum cans. We have been doing this all year, but wanted to extend our recycling efforts to other schools in the district! We have been participating with Pepsi in a fun competition with other schools throughout the United States!! This is our last couple of weeks to make a big push to recycle as many bottles and cans as we can!! So we would love your help!

Recycle. Everybody’s Doing it.

Thursday, April 7th, 12am to Friday, April 22nd, 12am

1500 West Riley Street

Atchison, KS

You can do one of three things to help support our Recycling Campaign!

1. Bag up your plastic and aluminum cans in bags (grocery bags, kitchen bags, large trash bags, or XL yard bags) and use the the following link to record your recyclables

2. Bring in your bags to the high school and we will recycle them for you

3. Let us know you have bags of cans or plastic bottles and we can come pick them up as long as you give us a heads up!

Please email or call! You can email Lynne Ball at or Lindsey Hansen @ or call the high school 367-4162! We would love to see a ton of recycling coming to the high school in the next two weeks!!!