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Did you know...?

As a veteran covered by VAC and Blue Cross, you have access to a wide variety of services through our clinic including, massage therapy, counselling sessions with a social worker, Psychology assessments for applications, dietitian services, group counselling sessions, etc.

Dependent on your pensionable condition some, or all of the above, services may be covered by Blue Cross.

Please reach out to Trauma Healing Centers for us to assist you; we can make that request to VAC on your behalf.

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A Discussion with our VP of Veteran Relations

Welcome to our second edition of our monthly newsletter.

This month I would like to talk about Trauma Healing Centers' group of Peer Support Advisors (PSA), and what they offer you during treatment.

In my opinion our group of PSA’s is one of our best services. PSA’s are free to all clients of Trauma Healing Centers and they provide many essential services. We believe that anyone suffering from PTSD, chronic pain or any other disabling illness should never suffer, or go through treatment alone. Having a shoulder to lean on, or ear that is listening, is vital to your recovery. Our PSA group offers veterans just that.

The PSA group are volunteers that can meet you in the clinic or at a place of your choice. A PSA can give you information on the services we offer, walk you through how your clinical process will work, and answer general questions on the process. They are there to help you while you fill out Veterans Affairs paperwork, and educate you about medical cannabis. They are the information highway to your recovery.

Finally, they will soon be offering a peer support group for anyone looking for knowledge or even a safe space to meet and interact with people suffering from the same challenges.

These are just a few things that each PSA will offer you as you go through your treatment, please contact a clinic to set up an appointment or get more information about their services.

Until next month,

Trev Bungay

VP/ Veteran Relations

Wellness… Hope…Trust

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Do you need an Psychological Assessment for VAC?

Are you a new applicant applying for a pensionable condition through VAC related to mental health (ie: PTSD)? Do you require an assessment for an increase in compensation for your mental health related pensionable condition?

If so, we have a psychologist available, at most locations, to assist you in completing your application. Please contact the clinic nearest you to set up your psychological assessment today.

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Q & A With Kevin Estabrooks - Peer Support Advisor

Q – “What other help is available from DVA for an already claimed condition?”

A – Even if you have received a pension and are already receiving services from Trauma Healing Centers, there may be more help available. Everyone’s case is different but there are great resources available to Veterans to help identify benefits.

DVA or VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada) offers a long list of compensations and services to ill or injured veterans who were injured while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. They are all found on their website “My VAC Account.” To determine eligibility your first step must be to set up a “My VAC Account”. This is one of the easiest, user friendly websites that is personalized to you. It is the best source to both learn and apply for entitlements. Simply Google “My VAC Account” and follow the instructions. You will need a service number or social insurance number to get set up. They also use a service called “Secure Key Concierge” to ensure your online security.

Once set up, there are two main areas of the website. The first one is “VAC Services and Benefits” and the other is “Your Information”.

VAC Services and Benefits include:

- What can I apply for?

- Track application

- Forms

- Upload file

Your Information includes:

- Inbox

- Current benefits

- Profile

- Link for vets

- Contact VAC

The most relevant to anyone seeking more help is the “What can I apply for?” Inside you will find all of the benefits that VAC has and what might apply to you.

Remember that everyone’s circumstances are different but having the knowledge of where to start looking can ensure that you receive all of the services and benefits that you require to deal with your injury. Any further inquiries can be addressed through the same website via the “Contact VAC”.

"Please be advised this information contained in this article is taken from the “My VAC Account” website and is accurate to the day written. VAC info and policies do change periodically. Trauma Healing Centers is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. Please consult the My VAC Account website for the most up to date information. If unable you can reach VAC at www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/contact or call toll free 1-866-522-2122. "

This Q & A column will be a regular feature of this newsletter. In order for Kevin to answer your questions monthly, please send your questions via email to kestabrooks@traumahc.com. Your question may be in the next addition of our newsletter.

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