ITRT Chalk-Talk

(Minus the Chalk)

Network & Powerschool Login

Teacher Network Username: (First six digits of last name + First Initial + Middle Initial)

Student Network Username: (First six digits of last name + First Initial + Middle Initial + Last 2 characters of UserID)

Ex. Alfred J. Bennington, 12345678 = benninaj78

Student Network Password: (Student ID# + First Initial +Middle Initial + Last Initial)

Ex. 12345678ajb

***UPDATE*** Student passwords have been reset to 'password'.

PowerSchool Login HERE

Email Settings

Your email address is:

(First six digits of last name + First Initial + Middle Initial)


Office365 Settings

(helpful for setting up email on smartphones)


Exchange Server:

Make sure SSL is checked.

Check your email HERE

LCPS Google Accounts

Student Username/Gmail Pattern:

First 6 digits of last name +

First initial +

Middle initial +

Last 2 numbers in student ID# +

Password: Student ID + first, middle, last initial

Teacher Username: (First six digits of last name + First Initial + Middle Initial)

Password: 'changeme2014' (You will be prompted to change upon 1st login)

All teachers and all students have Google accounts. Accounts include the use of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) like: Gmail, Docs, Calendar & Sites.

Students use email addresses ending in


Teachers use email addresses ending in

Login to Google HERE

Tech Help

Accounts -

PowerSchool -

Tech Question - sent to all technology department personnel

Each school site will have a link to the Technology Work Order Form. Fill out the form and use 'password' as the password to submit your request.

Teacher Webpage

ITRTs will train and support the use of Google Sites for teacher webpages. Teachers may choose to use a blog as their web presence or other web page tools of their choice. Templates are available.

Louisa County Web Page requirements:

  • Contact Information
  • Course Syllabus or Pacing Guide links
  • LCPS and school site links

Use your Google Login HERE


YouTube videos can be embedded into teacher websites.

However...students will not be able to view them when logged in at school because YouTube is blocked for students. Plan accordingly.

Some alternatives:



Bing Video (Microsoft Version)

Remind (formerly Remind101)

Safe, free way for teachers to text students and keep in touch with parents.

Try REMIND now!


Moodle is used to help teachers create online courses with a focus on interactive and collaborative content creation. Moodle is often used to transform face-to-face classes into a more hybrid learning experience for LCPS students.


Ex. LCHS History, LCHS Biology, TSIPS