RN ( Neonatal Nursing)

Christin Apple

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A Neonatal Nurse cares for newborn babies born with a variety of problems including prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. Although these nurses are only described as nurses for newborns, they often care for children with birth problems up until whenever they are discharged from the hospital or until the problem is taken care of.


An RN without specializing as a Neonatal Nurse requires an Associate's Degree which is two years, but most hospitals only accept four year degrees now. The recommended degree for an RN is a Bachelor's Degree, which takes four years to obtain.


  • Duke University
  • Eastern Carolina University
  • UCLA (#2 rated nursing program in the country)


A Neonatal Registered Nurse makes anywhere from 46,900 to 93,016 a year according to PayScale.com

Expected Growth

The Neonatal Nursing department will continue to need nurses because babies are being born every day and need special nurses to take care of them. It should be a steady job to have.
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