"unfortunate eyes that see their loved ones dying of pride"

Brief Bio

My sister and I grew up in the Kingdom of Thebes. After the tragedy in which my tow brothers killed each other, my uncle took power of the kingdom of thebes.

Now I'm 20 years old and I wish i was in another kingdom in which such tragedies do not happen. My parents are Oedipus and Jocasta.

recent status

"Today was a sad day"

White snow coment your status.

What happened?. You should tell me.

Rapunzel coment your status.

I want go to your house, but I can escape of mi towel. Plis send me a text and tell me what happened.


Thanks. I appreciate that you are so supportive to me in bad times.

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"I would like to go for a ride with the guy I like" or what do you think Achilles?

Achilles coment your status

I really like that, but I am in Troy.


I hope you do not delay in return.

This song motivates me tokeep going and forget about you

I Will Survive