Five mLearning in the Classroom

mLearning apps to aid in student engagement and achievement

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is such a versatile tool for the classroom, that it may be easier to ask "what can't Google Drive accomplish in the classroom"? I think the most useful of the plethora of tools offered by Google Drive is the Google Form application, which makes formative assessments quick to create and quick to accumulate.

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2. Socrative

Socrative is another app that can readily used for formative and summative assessments in the classroom. In similar fashion to Google Forms, Socrative allows for quick collection of assessment materials and visualization of the results from every student. Such a tool is excellent when determining specific topics and lectures that the majority of your classroom didn't quite understand.

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3. Videolicious

Videolicious enables your class to create videos with great ease and speed. Such a tool is excellent for those students who don't perform well in front of the classroom, allowing them to instead create their presentation and speak over the material. The video could then be presented to the classroom.

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4. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is an app that allows for the upload of audio files, such as podcasts to the web, and enables others to comment and provide feedback. This flexible platform allows for students to work from anywhere and facilitates peer evaluation quite readily. Students could work in groups to prepare their own radio show to discuss a topic, have others in the class listen in and comment on ideas and topics they found the most interesting.

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5. YouTube

It's no secret that your classroom is both familiar and potentially obsessed with this app, so why not utilize something they already know and re-appropriate it as a learning tool. Not only does YouTube have a myriad of education material online already, having student create quick lessons in groups is an excellent way to use technology and allow for classroom collaboration.

One such YouTube Channel that's excellent for the classroom is Crash Course, which covers a variety of topics from world history, psychology, biology, English literature and much more.

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Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4