Peter And The Starcatchers

Connecting Modern Literature to Greek Myths.

About Peter and the Book

Peter is an orphan who meets a girl named Molly on a ship to England. Molly also has a secret, her father is a Starcatcher; a person who gets Starstuff to make you fly and have magical powers. Peter then has to help Molly keep the starstuff away from the Others, a group of evil people who plan to use it for no good. In the end, Peter gets a beautiful gift, he can now fly and live forever.

Some of the Main Characters

Peter and Greek Myths

I think Peter represents the vision of a archetypal hero. First, he leaves his home (An Orphanage) with his friends to travel to England to get a job. Next, Peter has a supernatural encounter with Molly when she tells him about the Starstuff. He now has to go on a quest with Molly and his friends to get the Starstuff away from an evil Pirate named Black Stache who is planning to sink the ship that Peter and Molly are on to retrieve the starstuff. Lastly Peter is rewarded with a weapon-like gift, he can live forever and fly without the need for starstuff and by all of his good doings, Molly's Father awards Peter with a bird-woman named Tinker Bell.

Other Connections

Peter also resembles Hermes because in the other four book he has to back a forth from his island to England to send messages to Molly and her father.Hermes also give messages on behalf of the gods. Hermes is the messenger god and can fly with the wings on the feet and cap. Peter can also fly but with out the wings.
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My Opinion on Peter and the Starcatchers

I think Peter and the Starcatchers is a very good book for other people. Even though it is a four book series, all of the books and very exciting to read. I would highly recommend this book for other people in the age range of 13 and up.
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Peter by ashleyplaysoboe