Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)

by Lewis Cherot

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Beethoven's early life

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born into a family of seven on December 17, 1770. He had a very miserable childhood. He had a very kind and gentle mother, though his father was an alcoholic. His father didn't really have a talent and only gave music lessons to the children of nobility. But even in his conditions, music filled the young composer Beethoven. The father had soon realized that if he trained and nurtured Beethoven's skill for music, he could bring more money into the family. Time had passed from there and when Beethoven was 17, he made his first trip to Vienna which had become his home later on. Though his trip was cut short due to his mother dying and not long after his infant sister had died. Later in 1792 his father died. All of this effected Beethoven's life and turned him into the rude and sometimes violent person he was.
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Beethoven's second home Vienna

Vienna was where Beethoven got his second house. This had also been the place he had died. This is also where Beethoven met Mozart's rival, Salieri. The only times Beethoven was not in Vienna was when he was off traveling to play his music live. Apart from that, Beethoven spent most of his time in Vienna composing music. This was also the town where he died.
The Berlin Celebration Concert - Beethoven, Symphony No 9 Bernstein 1989

Symphony no. 9

This is always switching between the mood. For a long stretch it is peaceful, and slowly gets faster and faster. This is one of Beethoven's most known music like symphony no. 3. Apart from Beethoven's anger and being violent, this may be a bit surprising hearing this and relating it to Beethoven's work. This is one of Beethoven's pieces and is widely played today.

Beethoven's music

symphony no. 5

symphony no. 9

symphony no. 3

symphony no. 6

moolight sonata

Beethoven's legacy

during Beethoven's living years he wasn't that widely liked among his community. today no matter how rude or angry he was we still respect his music. It also wasn't really his fault for being angry, he had a terrible childhood, experienced many family deaths, and started to lose what he needed most, his hearing. Though that didn't stop Beethoven from composing music, and the quality may have been better than most composers. Others that experienced what he had may have taken their life, but he didn't. And because of that, he left a great legacy containing of the most used music today. Beethoven and his music will never be forgotten.


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