Sunday, January 15, 2023

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Chestersession for January

We welcome Archbishop Richard Smith of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton THIS Monday, January 16 10am here at St Isidore Learning Centre. Please feel free to come in person, or we will be broadcasting his talk on ZOOM.

See image for link and LINK will go out in Canvas Global Announcements on Monday morning

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January 2023 Diploma Schedule - Mark your Calendars!!!!

**Please note the the SILC Classroom is Closed for drop in during Diploma Exam time as all of our space is dedicated to our students writing these important exams. If you require assistance, you must schedule an appropriate time with your teacher!

**DEADLINE for Semester 1 Course Work submissions to your teachers is Friday, January 13th, 2023!

**All NON-Diploma final Exams for Semester 1 must be written, and submitted, by Wednesday, January 25, 2020.

What to bring to your Diploma Exams:

  • A piece of photo ID - we need to verify your identity
  • Sharpened HB Pencils & GOOD erasers
  • A blue or black pen
  • For English & Social Studies Part A - Written: You may bring a thesaurus and a dictionary. This is NOT ALLOWED for Part B
  • For all Math & Science (Bio, Physics, Chem) please bring your scientific calculators. Please note that SILC cannot lend you one! You must have your own.
  • Please make sure you are here for 8:45 am at SILC or your designated writing centre
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Textbook Returns PLEASE

As Semester I is wrapping up, students should be returning their textbooks back to the SILC Classroom. To avoid a "textbook replacement charge" please return all books when finished. We cannot hand out Semester II books until all other books are returned to the school.

We are open from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. If you cannot make it in those hours, there is a "Book Drop" located outside the student door. The picture to the left shows you where to drop them. Please don't forget to put your name insdie the cover on a sticky note. Thank you :)

If you do not live in the area, please mail all textbooks to:

St. Isidore Catholic Learning Centre

310 Broadview Road

Sherwood Park, AB

T8H 1A4

Thank you for your prompt attention and GOOD LUCK with final exams!!

Grad 2023 Portrait Bookings - Open NOW!

For our 2023 Graduates...

You would have received an email from Mrs. Melnyk this week to walk you through how to book your Grad portraits.

Please book a spot on March 15, 16, or 17 following the instructions below from ICON.

You must pick up your grad cap prior to your appointment. Call SILC to make arrangements : 780-449-6463 - PLEASE KEEP THIS CAP FOR YOUR CONVOCATION IN JUNE.

Any questions, email Mrs. Melnyk -

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St. Isidore Summer School offers courses that allow YOU to earn credits, upgrade marks, lighten workloads for the year ahead or finish pre-requisite courses.

Summer School Registration is opening on January 19! St. Isidore Summer School is opening registration earlier as schools and students plan their term two classes and look forward to student schedules for the upcoming school year.

Term 1: July 4-13; Term 2: July 14-24; Full Term: July 4-24

We are offering synchronous, asynchronous, and in-person courses. Check out to view the courses that will be offered and how to reserve your spot! See the Course Listings here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Melissa Damur, Summer School Principal

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Tea and Bannock Evening - Tuesday, February 7

Tea and Bannock Evening - Tuesday, February 7, 2023. At CLS from 6:30 - 8:00

  • Eva Stang, Rob Davies, Elder Gary Gairdner - opportunity for families to get to know the people sharing their culture and knowledge in our schools. Welcome and introductions followed by tea & bannock and visiting

  • All are welcome! Registration will be requested to ensure adequate tea & bannock. Email Mrs. Perrott if you would like to attend:

Junior High Engagement Day!

Come on out to our monthly Junior High Engagement Day - Thursday, June 19th!!
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Survey Time is Coming...

It is about that time of year again and the SILC Team will begin planning for next school year. As part of this process, students, staff, and parents/guardians will be asked to complete surveys administered by Alberta Education and EICS in the coming months in order to provide feedback and data on our school's areas of celebration and areas for growth.

The surveys that will be completed are intended to assure that the goals we set as a school division and individual schools are data-driven based on such areas as faith integration, student achievement, student engagement, high school completion, range of programming, inclusion, home-school communication, and the list goes on. Your completion of the surveys is key in helping us to understand the needs of our students, staff, and parents/guardians.

As a school division, we do have strategic priorities that drive each individual school's goals in EICS. These priorities are:

  1. Faith Integration
  2. Learners and Learning
  3. Systemic Wellness
  4. Community Engagement

Within these priorities, we have our own SILC goals that we are striving to achieve over the next few of years. To learn more, please feel free to review the SILC School Education Assurance Plan on our website and linked below. This is an evolving plan. Below each priority in the newsletter, there is also a description of our school goals.

Elementary Classroom

Hello from Mrs.Oikonen!

We are starting week 19 of online learning! We will be doing cohort meets this week. During these meets for grades 1-4, we will be focusing on vocabulary and math concepts. During the 5/6 meet, students will be completing the mid- year Star Reading Assessment. Please try to attend. On Thursday, we will be meeting with our buddies!

Here is what we will be doing this week!

January Calendar

Grade 1 Newsletter

Grade 2 Newsletter

Grade 3 Newsletter

Grade 4 Newsletter

Grade 5 Newsletter

Grade 6 Newsletter

Respiratory Screening Tool

AHS has launched an enhanced respiratory assessment tool to provide Albertans with guidance to manage a wide range of respiratory illnesses, and provide advice on caring for symptoms at home, and when to seek additional care. This updated tool provides another option to obtain advice for symptom management. The tool will help guide schools and individuals to the best care options for symptoms, including self-care at home, or seeking care through a walk-in clinic, family physician, or pharmacy for mild to moderate symptoms. Those with severe symptoms will be recommended to seek care through an urgent care centre, or emergency department. Other available resources such as the HEAL website, and know your options guidance, continue to provide support for care, whether that be in-home or elsewhere. As always, Health Link continues to be here for Albertans, 24/7, by calling 811.

All Albertans are strongly encouraged to get immunized against influenza and COVID-19 and to wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask in public places if they choose to do so. Rapid test kits will continue to be available at participating pharmacies across the province.

The Staff of 2022-2023

The Staff of 2022-2023:

Principal: Mrs. Tracy Melnyk

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Melissa Damur

Chesterton Headmaster: Dr. Gerard McLarney

Creative Director, Chesterton & Chaplain : Mrs. Justine Wright

Secretary: Mrs. Natalie Mangatal

Family Wellness Worker: Katy Parsons

Inclusive Learning Facilitator: Mrs. Shari Morin

Mrs. Christy Oikonen - Elementary (Grades 1-6)

Mr. Daniel Hughes - Jr / Sr Social Studies -

Mr. Brandon Geiger - Jr / Sr Science & Math -

Mrs. DeeDee Perrott - Sr. Science & Chesterton

Mrs. Eva Fung- Sr Math

Mr. Matthew Bennett - Jr High

Mrs. Katarina Urdova - Chesterton Math -

Mr. Brett Fawcett - Chesterton and Religious Studies -

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OLPH Parish Corner

Stay connected. Our parish makes it very easy for us all to attend. See the links below:

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Important Dates to Remember...

  • January 17 - Semester 1 Course Marks are Due (for semestered students)!

  • January 19 - Math 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am **Bring your scientific calculator

  • January 20 - English 30 Diploma Exam - PART B - 9 am

  • January 23 - Social 30 Diploma Exam - Part B - 9 am

  • January 24 - Biology 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 25 - Chemistry 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 26 - Physics 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 27 - Science 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 30 - PD Day - Schools closed to students

  • January 31 - First day of Semester 2

  • February 3 - Chesterton Retreat - JJ Colete

  • February 9 & 10 - Schools Closed for Teachers Convention

  • March 15, 16, &17 - Grad Photo Appointments

  • June 9 - Grade 12 Graduation Mass & Convocation & Banquet

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