SMK School of The Culinary Arts

New Culinary High School in Denver, CO

Culinary Arts

This new private school will be located in Denver. It will be accept students who have applied with a max Freshmen of 500. This will be through first come first serve. Students will get to learn different culture's foods. Our hope is to have students graduate and open their own restaurant once they graduate.

Culinary Arts

In School

Culinary arts is more intensive and requires more time dedicated. More time will be spent in the classroom or kitchen, but in the end it will be a pay-off. Though this is a competitive industry. Our School provides traveling for students to interview and shadow real successful chefs.


-Sanitation & Safety

-Success in Hospitality Studies

- Nutrition for Foodservice

-Menu Design

-Food & Beverage Service

-Food & Beverage Service Lab

-Culinary Skills I

-Culinary Skills I Lab

-Fundamentals of Food

-Food Science

-Baking I

-Baking I Lab

-Garde Manger I

-Garde Manger I Lab

-Culinary Skills II 1 8 5

-Culinary Skills II Lab

-Contempory Cuisines

-Contemporary Cuisines Lab-Baking II

-Baking II Lab

-Garde Manger II

- Garde Manger II Lab-Career Development

-Competion Fundamentals