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When Hinduism first started off it was not founded as a religion, it was more of a culture from India ,which then greatly grew into being a huge religion. When Hinduism started to spread it great,y spread through Southeast Asia, British Colonies, Great Britian, and the United States. In Hinduism their key beliefs are that truth is eternal, Brahman is truth and reality, the Vedas are the ultimate authority, everyone should strive to achieve Dharma, individual souls are immortal, The goal is to reach Moksha. The main holy book of the Hindus are The Vedas which is " a collection of hymns praising the Vedic gods", Veda means knowledge. The ultimate goal of the Hindus is to reach moksha, which is the final resting place.

This effects a Hindu's daily life because they meditate all the time to practice their religion. They work to move in ranks all the time.

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Buddhism was founded in the late 6th century by Siddhartha Gautama. The holy book for Buddhism is The Tripitaka. Buddhism started in Northeat India. Buddhism spread widely threw out Asia. Main beliefs are the four noble truths, existence is suffering. Buddhism requires a lot of practicing of the four noble truths and the eightfold path.

This effects a Buddhas daily life because they will always work to end their suffering. The always practice the four noble truths and the eightfold path.

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Confucius is the founder of counfucianism. The main belief of Confucianism is filial piety. It's the belief of being kind to elders , adults and parents. Confucianism is the belief made up of kindness. He believed that kindness would make life better. Confucianism is based of of doaism. The holy book of Confucianism is The Analects. Confucius mainly beloved on Filial Piety. Filial Piety is the respect for your parents. Confucius beloved that a son should not travel far from their mother and father. Also, he believed that a person should have honesty, hard woke, and concern.
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Moses was the founder of Judaism. Moses is the adopt son of the Pharoh's daughter. He becaome a Egyptapian prince until Moses found out that he was Jewish. At the time, the Egyptians had the slaves, but they were Jewish. Moses ran away from is home to another Pharoh, where he met the daughter of the Pharoh and married her. He stayed there for about 40 years until God spoke to Moses in the bushes and told him to go back to Egypt and save the Jews. Moses did go back and rescue the Jews. After Moses led the Jews to freedom, God then gave him the Ten Commandments on a slab of rock, and told Moses he was the their leader now and that why have to follow the Ten Commandments. The Torah is the holy book of Judaism. A main belief of Judaism is the Jesus is God. They don't believe in multiple gods. God chooses to behave in a way that is both just and fair. Judiasm had spread in to little places. Judaism
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Effects on daily life

Any person that has beliefs and works to fulfill those beliefs of their religion thinks about the way they acts. Depending on the rules of the religion, you might practice your religion everyday. For example Dharma is Hinduism they make sure they are always acting the right way to fulfill their beliefs.