The Aurora Borealis

What causes the Aurora Borealis?

The Aurora Borealis is caused by charged particles nearing the atmosphere, which then mix with atoms, giving off light. The best place to see it in is above the Arctic Circle, or near it. It's best to see the Aurora during the summer, so bring warm(ish) clothes. The Aurora Borealis is different from the Aurora Australis, because the Borealis is only in the. Northern Hemisphere and the Australis is in the Southern Hemisphere. The Aurora can be predicted with the help of solar activity, because the cause of the Aurora is from solar wind. The different colors you see in it are caused by different gasses making up the atmosphere. For example, Nitrogen causes darker colors.
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Anywhere in the green circle is a good place to find the Aurora Borealis, which is mostly above the Arctic Circle.


The weather is always cold, so bring your parka! Don't worry about storms, though, because the Aurora is best seen on a clear night. The best way to get to good veiwing spots is by snowmobiles, so don't forget a helmet. A nice place to see the Aurora is in the mountains, or on an open field, so snowshoes are mandatory.


Some old inuit folklore talks about the Aurora Borealis being ancestors' spirits. There was one that said the sky was a hard dome, and there was a small hole through which the spirits could enter. The colors moving were the spirits playing and dancing with each other, and the sometimes heard popping noises were them talking to each other.
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According to this website, this Friday is going to be active with the Aurora Borealis everywhere labeled on the map.