Teaching with Technology

in the DHH and ASL Classroom

The Necessity of the Third Dimension

When teaching to the deaf or hard-of-hearing, one must be aware of the difficulties that those students are going to have in a general education classroom. Incorporating technology into the lesson is an excellent way to keep all students on the same learning scale. Deaf students do not have to worry about missing words that the teacher has said or missing critical instructions to an assignment. In this flyer, some different technologies that can aid a teacher who encounters a student who is deaf or hard-of-hearing will be discussed, and we will come to learn just how important the third dimension can actually be.

(picture above shows a teacher using a videophone with one of her students)

American Sign Language

A unique and beautiful language in itself, American Sign Language (ASL) can and probably will be the most important thing taught to these students. ASL is a manual language based on hand shape used to communicate with or among Deaf people. In the classroom it is important to present this language in a way that is clear and concise. It is here that technology becomes so important. Teaching ASL to students who have never seen the language before can be pretty tricky if you were to hand them a worksheet with the manual alphabet on it. However, using technology and videos along with teaching the alphabet through example can greatly increase the knowledge intake and ability to remember the information being provided to the students.

Technology That's Useful in the DHH and ASL Classroom

Teaching the DHH Students Becomes More Efficient When Using Technology Paired With ASL

Optimal Teaching Environment

Having a good classroom layout is especially important. The teacher needs to be aware of all of the students faces at one time because if she can't see them, they aren't understanding her. This also allows for every student to have the best view of the technology being used whether it is a PowerPoint presentation or a video online, all students need to have vision that is not obscured.

A Word or Two

My name is Haiden Nunn. For weeks I have been focusing on a twenty percent project that focuses on the importance of using technology when teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing. I chose this particular topic because I have a strong passion for the language as well as the culture. When I graduate from my undergraduate career, I hope to pursue a degree in Audiology where I will be able to work with kids and families who are deaf or hard of hearing. I also want to get a sign language interpreting job on the side. I have learned a lot these past few weeks, and I hope I was able to shed some light on just how important technology can be to some students. Visit the Site below called Walk This Way to learn more about my 20% Project.