Right Vs. Left

Brain dominance


Hemisphericity is the cerebral dominance of an individual in retaining and processing modes of information in his own style of learning and thinking.

  • Visual
  • Responds to tone of voice
  • Random
  • Process information in varied order
  • Response to emotion
  • Impulsive
  • Recalls people's faces
  • Gestures when speaking
  • Less punctual
  • Prefers sound/ music background while studying
  • Prefers frequent mobility while studying


  • Verbal
  • Responds to word meanings
  • sequential
  • Processing information linearly
  • responds to logic
  • Plans ahead
  • Speaks with few gestures
  • Punctual
  • Prefers formal study design
  • Prefers bright lights while studying

My result

According to the tests I took, I am a left brain dominant. Which in this case it means that I prefer thing to be in logical order and like identifying details instead of concepts. I like to plan ahead and not impulsive in decision making. I am seen as logical, practical and realistic.

By; Jessica Contreras