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Principal- Obed Morales

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‘Aspire nobly, adventure daringly, and serve humbly’

Welcome Back

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe we have been in school for twenty days and now we are in October. As we all reconvened as a school community for the first time in eighteen months, we can now all rejoice for continuing to be adaptive, collaborative, compassionate, flexible, supportive, and understanding. I remain immensely proud of our students, teachers, staff, parents, families, and community partners. We are able to take whatever is thrown our way and forge ahead to support our students with what they need to stay engaged and learn.

Here at the East Somerville Community School we stand together, united, for EQUITY for all our students where “Every Student Can Succeed and Everyone is Welcomed”. In light of the daily challenges we all encounter, we will continue to ASPIRE, the core motto of this year, to achieve our collective ambitions, hopes, and goals for the betterment of our students.

I continue to wish each of you great health and thank you for supporting the ASPIRATIONS of all of our students under the most unusual circumstances in our lifetime.

With appreciation and in support, Obed Morales, principal

617-629-5400 ext. 3710 (office)

617-839-5332 (mobile phone)

New Faculty Join ESCS 2021-2022 Academic School Year

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinx vs. Hispanic

Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. However, Hispanic refers to any Spanish-speaking culture, so it includes Spain along with Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. Latinx (or Latine/a/o) refers to Latin American countries, including both Spanish and non-Spanish speaking nations in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and North America. This means our Haitian and Brazilian students are Latinx!

It is important to distinguish between these two terms because their histories are very different. Latin American countries have Indigenous roots and were colonized, while Spain (a Hispanic country) colonized them.

Diversity Within the Latinx Community

It is also important to remember that the Latinx community is incredibly diverse in race, gender identities, language and religion. I encourage you to be thoughtful about this as you choose books and activities to share with students, since there is not “one way” to be Latinx. Also, it is essential to amplify Black Latinx, Asian Latinx, and Indigenous experiences, as they are often not as represented in our celebration of Latinx Heritage month, but are still very much Latinx.

This is a great reminder that race, ethnicity, and identity often intersect for many people, so while these months are a great opportunity to celebrate different cultures, it is crucial that representation for all identities is considered all year long!

Indigenous People’s Day

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage month transitions into Indigenous People’s Day (October 11th). Consider setting the foundation now and work with students on recognizing the Indigenous roots of Latin America. Highlight the work Indigenous people have done and continue to do to fight for their language and culture against colonization. There is also a growing movement of Latinx who are working to reclaim their indigenous roots.

This past weekend ABC had a special called Corazón de America with the following segments:

Baseline Data

This month our teachers will be gathering data assessments for all of our students. Below are a variety of assessments that will be used grades K-8 in both our Unidos and Neighborhood Program.

Look at What Ms. Allen's class is learning

In English Language Arts class, 6th graders are learning about the Holocaust prior to reading “Number the Stars”. They looked at primary sources of Nazi propaganda to help them understand this dark time in history. They worked in groups to understand the images and discuss how propaganda spread misinformation during the Holocaust.

Kindergarteners in Ms. Schroeder’s class have again welcomed special visitors to our classroom this fall

Monarch caterpillars! We have been observing and learning all about these incredible creatures, their metamorphosis, and their life cycle while we learn important science skills like making observational drawings, learning new vocabulary, and asking and answering questions. Our caterpillars have mostly made their chrysalises, and will soon emerge as Monarch butterflies.

Monarchs born in the fall make the long migration thousands of miles south to the forests of Michoacán, Mexico, arriving just in time for Dia de Muertos. After we let our butterflies go, we will be learning all about this incredible journey and connecting it to other migration stories - of both animals and people. We will learn that migration is beautiful, and brave, and powerful.

Student's in Mr. Ghali's class write about their best friends!

Ms. Alcott's Art Class

The following pictures are from grades 8th, 7th, 6th, 4th, and 2nd. Eighth grade is working on their Customized Sneakers. Seventh grade is working on their Personal Mandalas. Sixth grade is working on their Optical Illusions. Fourth grade is working on their Sandra Silbersweig Inspired Portraits. Second grade is working on making Fall Scarecrows.

Historians in Emma Mrozicki's class

One of my 4th grade students, Diego Funes Mejia, is a historian and draws daily updates about recent and historical events. This is his drawing that shows how "Mexico is getting the spotlight for Hispanic Heritage Month but other countries around Mexico do not get a spotlight."

Community Schools -By Yolanda Andrade Director of After School Program

Welcome to the ESCS Afterschool Program! We welcome new and returning students as well as new teachers. We look forward to a great school year, with new friends and new memories to be made!

The beginning of the year has been busy and it is moving along just great!

In the past two weeks in after school, students have been busy getting to know one another through active and engaging activities, adjusting changes and learning the schedule, learning the rules and expectations! We have been learning each other’s names, building community through playtime in the gym, and having fun and being active outside on the playground, taking advantage of the sunny and beautiful weather.

Afterschool clubs have started and many of our kids have been enthusiastic about making Lego creations, working with Watercolors, learning about Nature, playing Sports, Cooking, and discovering Artwork with Beads, that are more and more engaged as the days go by. Most of all, we have all been playing outside!

Our 4th -6th graders have taken the kindergartens, 1st, and 2nd grades under their wings and have been great “big buddies.” They have read some books together, played some games, walked them to the door for dismissal, and really proved what amazing role models they can be this year. Way to step it up 4th–6th graders!

On a logistical note, please make sure you check in with your child’s teachers at pick up time and each day with our Door Monitor, Ms. Sarah at the main entrance cafeteria door.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are here to help and support you in any way we can and want to continue hearing directly from you.


Welcome new families and warm greetings to returning students in the Unidos program! It has been a busy and productive start to the new school year. Our students have settled into classroom routines and continue to impress us with their resilience. Despite wearing masks, our students' smiles fill the classrooms daily with fresh energy. It has been a pleasure to have everyone back in the building.

Unidos dual language students will continue this year to grow as bilingual, biliterate and bicultural learners. In our K-2 classrooms, we have a new dual language literacy curriculum. In our grades 3-8, our staff is focusing on vertical vocabulary alignment and language transfer. We will continue to share highlights throughout the year. This month, all Unidos classrooms are celebrating Hispanic Heritage month by learning about influential people and their contribution to the Latinx community and beyond. I encourage you to visit the Hispanic Heritage celebration section in this newsletter to learn more about the many resources available for families.

As always, family partnerships are essential to bilingual learning. Please continue to read and speak in your home language with your child daily. We encourage all families to view our Family-Home Resource Page for language learning resources to use at home with your child. Our fall Spanish language mini-course is also returning for Spanish language learners. To learn more or to register your child, click here.


Dr. Maureen Hughes

Unidos Specialist

Counselor's Corner

Dear Eastville,

Dear Eastville,

When the pandemic started in March 2020, Everything changed so quickly We experienced so much loss in so many areas of our loves. And it felt scary. And different. And it feels so good to be back, to have access to our school community: our friends, our teachers, our classmates. That chance to see each other every day. To play at the playground. To make silly faces in the halls. To laugh with each other. To spend time with each other.

We talk so much about growth mindset in our school. When things feel tough, we don’t give up. We embody the lessons of our school Phoenix by “Rising from the ashes” and coming back stronger, better, more beautiful, more powerful. You are stronger than you think. This year has shown us that. If we can get through Zoom school, we can get through anything! That doesn’t mean it will always feel easy. You are going to have days that feel tougher than others. We all know those days. Don’t give up.

Our hope for each of you this school year is that you have the chance to reconnect with each other and that you treat each other with care and kindness, holding the lessons and experiences of his past year close to our hearts.

We have hard work to do. But we are going to have fun doing it. School should feel like a happy place. Like a safe place. If it doesn’t, please take a trip up to the Counselor’s Corner and talk to us. Work with us to help make school a better place for you. It’s what we do. It’s why we’re here.

Let’s have a great year together. A Phoenix can do hard things. WE can do hard things.


Your counseling team and support staff.

Carlie Calioro

Rebekah Prescott

Gabriella Scimemi

Sandra Morales

Monica Castle

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Middle School Girls Basketball

I am so excited to announce that thanks to our amazing new Assistant Athletic Director Indira Evola we are launching a brand new, completely free after school basketball club for girls in grades 6-8. Programming will happen at the Mystic Courts and will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4pm starting October 12th until November 18th. Click on the the title to register

Heather McCormack

Family Engagement


You may be confused by a recent email from PowerSchool asking you to complete the annual re-registration process for your student(s). Don't worry -- your children are already enrolled in school! This form is just to update information like medical providers and emergency contacts. Please fill it out if your students' information has changed.

If you need help with this or any other forms, have questions about what's happening in your student's classroom, or need support to access services or information, reach out to me any time at 617-625-6600 x3709 or

Parent Teacher Association - By Leah Bloom

Join the PTA
ESCS PTA membership is free! Join the PTA today.

Join the School Improvement Council

Led by Principal Morales, the School Improvement Council meets monthly to help identify our students' educational needs, adopt educational goals for the school, review the annual school building budget, and most importantly, formulate our school improvement plan. There is one opening on the Council this year, for a parent from the neighborhood program (not Unidos). This is an elected position. The time commitment is about an hour a month.

Upcoming Events

  • Book Give-Aways for All Ages, Wednesdays in October, 7:30-8:30 a.m., ESCS Cross St. entrance
  • Padres Latinos Child Tax Credit Workshop, Tentatively Friday, Oct. 8, ESCS basketball court
  • Dia de las Americas Celebration, October 11, 4-6 p.m., Chuckie Harris Park
  • Mobile Vaccine Clinic, Monday, Oct. 18, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., City Hall Annex, 50 Evergreen Ave
  • SomerStreets Monster Mash, Sunday, October 31, 2-6 pm, Somerville Ave between Hawkins St. and Park Ave.
  • Election Day Bake Sale, Tuesday, November 2 at ESCS (Glen St. entrance)

Contact the PTA / Contactar al PTA
(617) 863-2428

Facebook: @EastSomervilleCommunitySchoolPTA

Month of October- Looking Ahead

iWalk 2021 International Walk, Bike, & Roll to School Month

Join in on Safe Routes to School's iWalk 2021 International Walk, Bike, & Roll to School Month in October. The goal is to celebrate students’ active commutes – including walking, biking, and rolling to school. Safe Routes to School will provide schools with giveaways like bookmarks and stickers to encourage safe, fun, and active participation. The East Somerville Community School will be celebrating on on Friday, October 15th.- Matt Young Physical Education

Picture Day Coming Soon

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