the first gas powerd motorcycle

Gottlieb Daimler was the first guy to invent a gas powered motorcycle in 1885

The Harley Davidson Motor Company

In 1903 William Harley and his friends Arthur and Walter Davidson started the Harley-Davidson motor company. The first Harley-Davidson sold in Chicago

Motorcycle racing

In North America motorcycle racing started in 1903 when the workers testing the bikes wanted to see who could get around the block faster. people started paying to race with them so they started the American motorcycle association.

The types of motorcycle racing

there are about as many types of motorcycle racing as there is auto racing. the pain types are rode racing, trail, speed-way, motocross, drag, ice racing, and hill climb.


A motorcycle gets between 33% and 55% better gas mpg then a car. A car gets 20-50 MPG and a motorcycle gets around 90 MPG.