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Our Mission Statement

We, THE Tigers, will be inspired to LEAD, HONOR, and EXCEL today!


Message from Administration

Dear Tuscany Heights Elementary Parents,

What a great way to start December. From our wonderful 3rd grade musical performance on Tuesday, to our author visits from Nathan Hale and Emma Virjan, and finally to our surprise snow visit on Thursday evening. Some memorable experiences to say the least!

This coming week we have our Tuscany Choir representing THE to share some holiday cheer at the San Antonio Airport, Brookdale Hollywood Park Assisted Living and Stone Oak HEB. These students and their choir directors have practiced very hard all semester and we are thrilled to see their efforts showcased at these various locations.

On Friday, December 13th, is our P.E. Dance Day. A flyer went out earlier this week with the times for each grade level. We hope that you can come and enjoy some dancing with your loved ones here that day.

As a continued reminder from last week, safety is always our number one focus and we appreciate your efforts to refrain from dropping off until 7:00 a.m., when our staff is on campus to supervise our students. In the afternoon car rider line, your car rider tag is a must in order to match your students to the right vehicle/adult. As part of this process, please remember to keep that tag visible at all times as our staff needs that tag in order to expedite our car rider line. We know that the rain impacted our car rider line a few times this week and we thank you for your patience. As a reminder, if you foresee a change in transportation due to the weather or other circumstances, we ask you to please communicate that by 2:00 with our front office.

We also have Winter Parties this month on the 22nd. Please see the party schedule posted in the "Upcoming Events" section below.

This is a joyous time of year, as well as a very busy time of year for all. We hope that you and your family will help us make this a great end to a wonderful first semester.

Our students are working hard and making great gains in their data. Don't forget to ask them about their goals.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Tara Bailey

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 4th- Tuscany Choir Performances at San Antonio Airport; Brookdale Hollywood Park Assisted Living; Stone Oak HEB

Friday, December 15th- PE Dance Day, During Specials Time, More Info Sent Home from Coaches

Friday, December 22nd- Winter Parties (see schedule below)

Winter Party Times:






PTA News

Toy DriveEXTENDED TO MONDAY! Please donate more toys. This is a great way for all of us to synergize and help out the kids at our Partners in PTA school. Please turn in new, unwrapped toys to our collection box in the entryway foyer. Appropriate gifts should be for the elementary school age, for boys or girls. Some examples- Barbies, hot wheels, dolls, trucks, Barbie/doll clothes, sports balls, stuffed animals and board games. We know that anything from the heart will be a wonderful treat for these sweet kids. Thanks so much for helping us with this fun drive!

Gift Wrapping for our Teachers – Come and help us show some appreciation for our staff by gift-wrapping their presents in the PTA/Leadership Room 111 on Friday, December 15. Please Sign up! Thank you.


Check out THE's LOST and FOUND! We have MANY items waiting to be claimed. Please help us find their homes. At the end of the semester, all unclaimed items will be donated.

Also, please label your child's clothing and other items so if they find their way to the LOST and FOUND, we can try to get them back to you. Thank you!!!

Faculty Favorites are LIVE online! Check out the favorites of our teachers and staff by visiting the PTA website. You can access it by “Helpful links” and then “Favorite Things” or by clicking http://www.tuscanyheightspta.org/faculty-favorites.html

Plug in with PTA and Back the Future!

THE PTA Website www.tuscanyheightspta.org

Tuscany Heights Volunteers Link

Rattle Reindeer 5K Run, Dec. 9th

Come be part of the Rattler Reindeer 5K Run on December 9th. Help make the first annual Rattler Reindeer 5k Run a huge community success. We would love to see all of the schools in the Reagan Cluster participate in this event. #wearereagan

Please see the attached flier for more information.

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Dance Day Schedule

Coach Kaufman’s P.E. Class Schedule:

1st Grade:
8:35-9:00 Raveney; 9:00-9:25 Hunt

9:25-9:50 Chapman; 9:50-10:15 Young

2nd Grade:
10:15-10:40 Ricker/Herrera; 10:40-11:05 Jackson

5th Grade:
11:10-11:35 Fontenot/Munoz; 11:35-12:00 LaBeau

3rd Grade:

12:50-1:15 Olguin/Pratz; 1:15-1:40 Ferguson

4th Grade:

1:50-2:15 Guintini/Stiles; 2:15-2:40 Rafajko

Coach Fonger’s P.E. Class Schedule:

1st Grade:

8:35-9:00 Ryan; 9:00-9:25 Borgeson/Miketinac


9:25-9:50 Andermatt: 9:50-10:15 Cervenka/Shelby

2nd Grade:

10:15-10:40 Silvers; 10:40-11:05 Loring/Temple

5th Grade:

11:10-11:35 Leal: 11:35-12:00 Morrow/Sweeney

3rd Grade:

12:50-1:15 Drake; 1:15-1:40 Anderson/Fernandez

4th Grade:

1:50-2:15; Morris 2:15-2:40; Forsyth/Spicer