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Full Day Creative Arts Programming for ECES

GENIUS HOUR - The New Project Approach?

As educators, we can help our students find and explore their passions. Once they discover what they’re truly passionate about, the learning and engagement will never stop. The best way for students to explore their passions is through Genius Hour.

Genius Hour isn’t new concept. Many teachers and businesses have been doing this for a while. Companies like HP and Google started “20 Time” so their staff could pursue passions projects and make their organizations stronger. It also sounds like and has a similar frame work of the project approach; however either way you look at it or present it to children, it's still a great way to get children engage and active in their own learning.

And perfect for a full day of programming with school agers . . .



Provocations are very easy to set up and can be as simple as a collection of photos, a tray of related materials, to a tinkering box that will inspire robot making.

Inquiry will prompt children to ask questions about the materials, build their interest and curiosity to engage with the provocation that is set out.

Create provocation trays and areas for the children to investigate all day.

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